Sunday, November 27, 2011

Life is a Beach

And so my two week vacation is already over. I'm back to my city life again. If you ladies still don't know, I am a probinsyana or a girl from the province. I was born and raised in Tablas, Romblon. Last November 9 to 23, I had the chance to visit my family and relatives, and for the first time, frolicked in the most beautiful beach of the island. I am starting to miss the place so I am posting some of my vacation photos here.

This is what we call Bonsuran Beach in Gin-awayan, Ferrol.

That fantastic tiny island is just a few steps away.

Green hills, long beach line, clear water, and footprints in the sand.

Shadow of beauty.

Some rock formations at the islet.

There is beauty everywhere.

I know you are falling in love too!

I am definitely going back. Maybe this summer!


  1. You look amazing! Great blog! I am your new follower. Would be great if you follow me back:-)
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena

  2. Gorgeous vacation photos!!!!

  3. Ganda namn ng beach na yan at di matao! Ganda mag jump shot! lol!

  4. Wow! I love the have a cool blog! I'm your new follower! Have a great sunday!

  5. The photos are so beautiful! I didn't know there's a gem of a place hidden in Romblon. Wish I can visit this lovely beach in the future.. :)

  6. Looking great. Nice photos as well. :)

  7. wow! wow! I am in love! what makes it more beautiful is that, the place is still untouched, hidden, a true paradise! BTW, ang pretty niyo mag mommy dito. you are so sexy dear!

  8. wow! what a great place...super linis nang dagat...oh, how I miss the beach...I like your swimwear sis...conservative! show more skin...joke! cute ni Askim!

  9. wow, this place is going to be in my 2012 travel it

  10. wish I could join you in Romblon next time. what a nice place!!!


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