Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Copy Kate

I know I was not really thinking when I said I don't consider Kate Middleton as a fashion icon. She's just undeniably stylish in a comfortable way and that's what I want to be. Well yes.. let's say trying to be. Hahaha. Anyway, I have created looks for less of the Duchess of Campbridge so I guess it's time to copy her style.

This is what I wore to the cinema in the afternoon of October 29, 2011. Hubby and I, together with our 3 year old daughter watched Puss in Boots.

In the evening, off I went to the SMX Convetion Center for the Philippine Fashion Week.
Notice that during the day, I wore my Zara flats and Secosana bag but replaced them with Parisian pumps and Paris Hilton shoulder bag for the fashion event.

Anne Taylor polka dot top, jacket from Surplus Store, belt and ring from Landmark, denim jeans from SM Dept. Store, Fossil watch, and earrings from Turkey

A photo op with media and blogger friends before the iPanema Spring Summer 2012 show.

Another photo op after the show.

Now for inspiration: cream jacket, denim jeans, ruffled top and polka dots. Hmmm.. did you like it? :)

Source of Other Photos:
Honeylyn Bonagua
Tetcha of Pensivethoughts.com


  1. Love your outfit! I also like Kate Middleton's sophisticated yet comfortable looks :) Perfect for women on the go.

  2. very nice inspired look!! hope your thrift shopping went well!

    xx jamie

  3. I adore Kate's style- simple but classy.
    Nice outfit, my love.

    P.S. I used a special program using 'animated gifs'' for
    my dancing photo.

  4. I like Kate Middleton too.. and love the Copy Kate style.. I totally love your outfit during the PFW event! Just like the Middleton, you are full of class in whatever you wear!

  5. I wish I could dress up that way too but I need to lose at least 15 pounds before that getup can look good on me.=)

    love that you can take your outfit from day to night

  6. yaahhh! you've got it! nice one girl. i love your version.


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