Monday, October 24, 2011

Sale Find: Sexy Strappy Sandals

This pair of sexy strappy sandals are not mine. They're my friend's. Very pretty I know. I had a crush on them the first time I saw them. The red insole is just hot. I know they'll look fabulous if worn with a dress, pencil skirt or super skinny jeans. The heel height is just perfect, not too high and not too low. But the most beautiful thing about these shoes is the price. Imagine paying for this pair 78% of the original price? Wow wow wow!

Sale Find: Figlia Brown Sandals
Sale Price: P199 or less than $5
Original Price: P899 or a little over $20
Sale From: SM Department Store - Megamall 


  1. Hi Ms. Kolca... is the sale from Megamall still on? My sister loves shoes and seeing this post makes her want to go there and check out shoes on sale.

  2. @Jenn: Hi! I don't think they still sell shoes up to 70% off these days. But they usually have selected items from 20 to 50% on weekends.

  3. this is a great find! more sales coming as Christmas season comes closer..

  4. OMG!!! This is such a bargain!!! I really need to go and check malls more often.. This pair looks lovely :)

  5. what a perfect deal! pede pahiram...ehehehe!

  6. that's a gorgeous shoes sis! great find :) followed your blog. thanks for visiting mine!


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