Saturday, October 22, 2011

Missed A Fashion Show

I know the title can be deceiving, but what I mean to say is, I just missed attending a fashion event! I really thought it was Thursday yesterday. I was invited to cover a certain fashion show somewhere in Fort Strip last Thursday, but I missed it. I normally put my "event schedule" in my cellphone calendar. I'd check my other network sim sometime in Wednesday and forgot to put the proper date after switching it back. The result was, thinking of Thursday as Wednesday and Friday as Thursday. Thursday night came and I freaked out when hubby told me that the next day was actually Friday.

I was in a rush so I used minimal make-up and hair was unkempt. Boo!

Okay enough of that. I missed the Thursday fashion show, but I'm glad I made it to Hotel Intercontinental on time yesterday. I was there to attend a press conference for a certain health product which I'm going to tell you about later. And oh, I finally got to wear my flared jeans and checkered button down top. I'm proud to say that I was able to go home using the railway transit in this outfit without falling down. Hahaha!

I don't know what people think. I just like it!

What I wore: button down top, Surplus Store, braided belt, Collezione, flared jeans, Forever 21, wedge shoes, Parisian by SM, hobo bag, INCI, and watch, Guess.

Please excuse the unpolished nails. They're clean though.

I like my wedge shoes so much even it's 5 inches in height, something that I didn't know until a few weeks ago after seeing a tape measure. However, I don't like its sole because it doesn't have enough grip on the floor and can be slippery when worn. I'm thinking of taking it to the shoe guy for some quick fix.

Happy weekend ladies! :)


  1. aww,sorry to hear that sis! But you know what, You look gorgeous on your flare pants :) You inspired me to buy one!

  2. I totally like your outfit and you carried yourself well! To use a railway transit with great poise in this outfit is so unusual, but who cares.. Me too, I braced the crowd with my towering wedge shoes. Kudos to us! :)

  3. Finally get to meet in person the author of this site, nice meeting you Jingke! :)

  4. aw, sorry that you missed the show, girl! hope you get to go to another great one soon!

    xx jamie

  5. You got a nice outfit here ate, love it you are so sexy. Uso pala talaga jan sa Pinas ang ganyang sandals yong parang banig, pinakita kasi sa akin ng sister ko the other day if I like to have one., kaso mangyan I turned it down., hehe

  6. Sorry to hear you missed the show.
    I love the flare jeans!

  7. @bechay: Thanks dear. You can get it from Forever 21 from P575 and up! :D

    @nuts: Yeah sis! It's not easy to go home in heels. I could've use taxi but I chose the transit to avoid waiting too much in traffic. Kudos to us! :D

    @green dei: Nice meeting you sis. Till next time.

    @ryheanne: You really have to have a good-looking pair of wedges right? :)

    @mom fashion: Thanks. I love it too!

    @Alina: Thank you Alina :D

  8. sorry to hear about the fashion show. experienced that several times. sometimes you'd wonder if going hi-tech is the best way to go.

  9. awwwwwww...gorgeous! you look so tall sis...kalain mo ba naman 5 inches pala yang wedges mo...dko carry looks great on you sis..lahat bagay!

    d baleng na missed mo yung previous FS...ehehhe!

  10. it happens to me too... sorry about that..
    anyway there's probably a lot coming!
    take care hun..
    oops, btw, i followed you ^^
    keep in touch =))

  11. I love your wedge shoes sis....and BTW, dont worry sis, for Moms like us it happens all the time sa dami ng mga intindihin....

    its me,
    Cielo of Brown Pinay

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