Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

It is pretty easy to find a costume for kids, but not for adults. If you are 18 and older, you have to consider experimenting in making your own costume because you just can't find the ideal one anywhere.

So, Halloween is coming. My daughter already has a couple of costumes. She has a Minnie Mouse costume and a pink fairy princess costume. As for me, I have nothing yet even I've been thinking of trick or treating in a costume with my daughter this year. Actually, I am not sure if I'm going to make a costume for myself or not. I'm kind of lazy but in case of emergency, I think I can easily pull an improvised Minnie Mouse costume like Georgina Wilson's in the photo. Oppss.. I cannot wear a lingerie alone! Hubby will kill me. Instead of a black lingerie, I can wear a black t-shirt paired with a polka dot skirt. Hmmm.. exciting!

More Easy to DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults:
-Glamour Witch
-Hawaiian or Hula Girl
-Arabian Princess
-Greek Goddess

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  1. I'm recycling my Jessica Rabbit look. :)

  2. Tagged you ,sis.

  3. I wanna try to be a playboy bunny or a vampire this Halloween ^^,

  4. We are not celebrating Halloween in Italy :-((
    I would dress like an angel!

  5. I haven't decided what I would want to be this
    Halloween until I read your post. Thanks for this great ideas!

    P.S. Thanks for your comment! Greatly appreciated.
    Interested in following each others blog via GFC?
    If so, I'm now following you: #394th follower.
    Hope you follow back.

  6. @Aria: You as Jessica Rabbit is fun and sexy. Go girl!

    @Photo: Playboy bunny? Wooot wooot!

    @Francesca: Oh, too bad! Dressing like an angel is cute. Imagine all white? :)

    @Mom: Welcome dear. Thanks for following. I'm returning the favor by following you back! :D

  7. oh! that minnie costume is so adorable!!

    xx jamie

  8. Georgina is simply gOrgeous! Maybe you can wear something close to lingerie and wait how your husband will react on it.. covered but not totally exposed. Are you going to Dusit, did you see the picture tagged in FB? We're not used to halloween party, so we might just stay inside the house.

  9. We just bought two costumes for halloween and it was hard deciding on what to buy!
    Please check out our blog and let's follow each other :)!


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