Tuesday, October 25, 2011

5 Flattering Fall Fashions

It’s all too easy to curl up during the colder months and retreat under layers of untailored, loose-fitting material. But autumn and winter are times for fashion, and their collections come up with many practical ways around the problem of keeping warm. No matter if you’re London dating @eHarmony UK or speed dating in Bristol, it’s still important to look your best. If you’re not up to speed with this new season’s fashions, here are a few emerging top trends to make you feel stylish and confident in the midst of the chills.

The polo neck
This nifty fashion solution is once again dominating the year’s shelves. Not only do these high-necked jumpers keep you deliciously warm, but they can make a modest upper half look great, emphasizing even the smallest chest size. However, this look may be best avoided if you’re very well endowed in that area, as you may come out looking a little top-heavy.

The tube scarf


These bulky tube-shaped scarves are great for drawing attention away from the overly large chest area. Perfect for winter chills, they are also very in fashion just now, gracing the shelves of most high-street stores. Whether patterned or plain, cotton or wool, you’ll be both warm and cool with one of these around your neck.

The knee-length boot
After the long-reigning fashion for ankle boots and fur-lined boots, knee-lengths are once again back in the big time. Another practical solution to keeping out those chills, these also work to cover up your lower legs if you’re not too happy with them. Try knee-length socks underneath so they peep out of the top of your boots for an extra layer of warmth and style.

The long jumper
Jumpers that extend way beyond the waist are covering many a shop-front mannequin this season. These are flattering for almost any body type – loose-fitting varieties hide a large waist, buttoned ones with under-tops emphasise the chest, and a carefully placed waist belt helps accentuate your curves.

The pencil skirt


This timeless skirt shape is another big headliner on the autumn shelves this year. Perfect for the office or a night out, it adds shape and attractiveness to virtually any figure. Make sure to pair it with a pair of super boots to dominate the office space and feel at the height of style.

Whether you’re short, tall, skinny or curvy, there’s sure to be a flattering trend in here for your body type. With the fashion tapped, you’re free to stroll around the office, meet your friends or date online at eHarmony with more confidence.


  1. I so love the tube scarf! It will go well with a lot of different get-ups.

  2. Same here..love the scarf. Is that different from the infinity scarf? I really like those..

  3. love the scarf.. thank you for sharing!!
    More so, thank you very much for the sweet comment.. i must agree, blogging should be the best way to release boredom.. =)
    thank you so much, it is so nice to know you.

  4. Love that scarf! Wish I can find something similar to that in malls. Anyway, although we don't have autumn or winter in the country, I think our -ber months fit the season of wearing these kinds of clothing. That's why I love the Christmas season, it's the time for giving and the perfect time for layering. ;)

  5. ohh the scarf is so nice.. I have to try this one and see if it can conceal my well endowed future ahahaha

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