Monday, September 05, 2011

Sale Find: Orange Ruffled Top

I am so happy to get this item with a 50% discount even after Forever 21 Makati's 3 Day Sale. I've been eyeing this item since I saw Chery Cole wearing the Oscar dela Renta ruffled silk top, a similar looking piece, which is way too expensive to compare with.

Forever 21 orange ruffled top P407.50

Oscar dela Renta ruffled silk top P19, 485 (£285)

Sale Find: Orange Ruffled Top
Sale Price: P407.5
Regular Price: P815
Sale From: Forever 21 - Makati

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  1. wow! I love the ruffled tops but I just can't buy one for me because of my big arms! i'm trying to loose some weight but my arms stay the same.

  2. Huge discount! It's nice to find affordable alternative to designer clothes. Whoa at the price of the Oscar dela Renta top!

  3. could only wish for the Oscar dela Renta top:-)


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