Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sale Find: Gold Tote

I love Robinson's Department Store because they sell bargain bags, as in very low price. I already bought lots of bags from them. My first buy was a couple of vanity kits, then I bought an eco-shopping bag, a red hobo for my giveaway, and lastly, a pink everyday bag. Now check my newest pick.

This gold tote serves as a traveling bag to me. It has a lot of space for my clothes and toiletries and a small pocket for my wallet and cellphone. I googled QUEEN by Queen Latifah and found out that this bag actually comes free if you buy a fragrance of the same brand. I believe QUEEN by Queen Latifah perfumes aren't available in the Philippines, so I bet they got this bag (and all the rest that the store still have) as overrun. Cool!!!

Sale Find: QUEEN by Queen Latifah Tote
Bargain Price: P199
Sale From: Robinson's Department Store - Pioneer


  1. I like the bag design and it's really affordable too. It's a very good buy indeed. :)

  2. Good find. It kind of reminds me of Cleopatra for some reason. :)

    New blog + new nick here, sis (long story but I made sure I put it on one of the pages of my blog).

  3. Cute! Didn't know Queen Latifah also has a perfume line. Love her! =)


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