Saturday, September 10, 2011

Panasonic TURBODRY EH5214 Hair Dryer

I just love my first ever hair dryer, though I don't use it everyday. I know too much hair drying can damage both my pocket and my crowning glory. I don't want to either have a damaged hair or a high electric bill, so I just use it when I need to glam up for an event or something.

You know I have been looking for that perfect pink hair dryer eversince. It has been on my shopping list for over a year. I could've bought that very cheap hair dryer from Watsons even it isn't pink or that pink Avon hair dryer which doesn't look really good, however I waited for "the one". Patience indeed is a virtue. When I spotted this at SM Appliance in Megamall, I bought it right away and without hesitation.

What I love about this hair dryer:

-It has a foldable design.
-It can use it for fast drying, even it has a switch fot normal drying.
-I can also use it for quick setting, and long lasting styles.
-Priced within my budget.
-It is pink!

I just want to add..

This hair dryer is just one of my purchases from my recent Google pay. You know, as much as possible, I buy things that I will remember my blog earnings with or else spend it on things like travel or home improvement. I remember buying a Cybershot camera, an electric fan, a cabinet, and a computer chair last year. The same year, my daughter and I went to the province to visit my grandparents using my online earning. Last month, I spent my blog earning into a very memorable item, the Paris Hilton Timeless Chihuahua Flap Bag, which the heiress herself later signed at the Meet and Greet in Mega Atrium. This month, aside from this very pretty hair dryer, I also bought decorative items for my daughter's room and party favors for her upcoming birthday. Then yesterday, I just visited a furniture shop to order a customized single bed for the maid's room and small table for my kitchen.

Honestly, I don't earn as big as other bloggers do, but I make use I spend my earnings to something memorable. How about you? What do you do with your blog earnings? Share share share! :)


  1. I wish I had blog earnings! :)) You're hair dryer is super cute. Hooray for pink stuff!


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