Friday, September 09, 2011

Hair by Validosa Salon

August 15, 2011, I still remember how crazy that day was when I decided to doll up for an event I was scheduled to cover at Newport City. I thought I had enough time that I went out to get my hair and makeup done just one and a half hour before I was supposed to leave for the event. It was too late to realize that one and a half is not enough with traffic and all. Thanks goodness Validosa Salon saved me. They did my hair in less than 30 minutes and they even shaved my brows for free, something that I was not expecting because I have thin brows so I never shave nor pluck. They offered me other services at a very affordable price but I had to decline since I was in a hurry.



It is my habit to get a hair rebond every September before my daughter's birthday. However, my first Validosa Salon experience gave me a second thought whether to get hair rebond again this year or get curly for a change. I might be back after I make up my mind.

In the meantime, let me share my cousin's experience to you. She has been itching to get a hair rebond. I originally recommended Victor Ortega Salon to her, a famous salon for rebonding at P1000 in any length. Most of the services they offer are cheaper than other major salon's in the metro, that's why clients flock all their branches.

My cousin cancelled her plan on going to Kalentong branch after thinking of too much time to beat while in the queue and ended up going to Validosa Salon at Star Mall. Guess what.. they charged her only P800 for a rebond, cheaper by P200 against Victor Ortega. How cool is that?

Before and After

Close Up

What you think of my cousin's hair? Have you been to Validosa Salon? How was your experience?


  1. Wow! Looks great. I usually have mine rebonded at Davids. Its very nice although a bit pricey. Will check out the ones you recommended. Thanks for sharing! =)

  2. There's a newly opened Validosa salon here in eastwood libis. might try their service on my rest day. thanks for the post

  3. hi. kindly update me on the hair of your cousin.. how was it now? do u really recommend validosa? thank you=)

  4. @Jane: I also go to David's but for hot oil and trim only.

    @Honey: Thanks. Glad you liked it!

    @Eyerin: Please try it and tell me what you think.

    @Gellie: Loved them too! :)

    @Lara: I did. Thanks! Haha!!

    @Unknown: Her hair is no longer straight now, but just a little better than her old hair. Mind you, it was already damaged prior to rebonding. And, because of its condition, she was asked to go back for another treatment but she didn't! :(

  5. Di naman maganda sa Validosa Salon , ALMAR Branch sa Caloocan City .. Ngayong October 2013 .. One of my acquaintance introduce me to that Salon so i try naman .. Mega rebound ang pinagawa ko [ 2,500 pesos ] but then it became Mega Worst .. Nag reklamo ako sa kanila bakit 2 days pa lang kumulot na hair ko , sabi ng manager don na beki e I must take a bath daw sabi ko ok if that's what you want but still after that lalo syang naging worst .. It's much dry and totally damaged na lalo .. Nagreklamo ulit ako for the second time around they telling me that itretreatment nila ang hair ko .. What for ?? Para ipagkatiwala ulit ang hair ko .. I dont think so .. Im not recommend Validosa Salon .. Di sila professional .. So dis appointed !

    1. Validosa sucks. nag pa cello ako last feb. 13, 2014 kinaumagahan namaga ang mukha ko.

    2. Sorry about your experience Marge and Crisly. I guess I'll never try Validosa ever again, too.


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