Wednesday, September 07, 2011

DIY Business Card

Do you have a business card? How does it look? I experimented making a business card, or say a blogger card, using Picasa and Paint. I originally thought of making a logo, but couldn't come up with anything nice. Instead, I used an image of myself, scribbled the needed information and then saved the card in black in white.

This is how it looked before printing.

And this is the printed version.

I will have to ask a professional to make me a blogger card/ business card in the future. Probably, after sticking to a beautiful layout and coming up with a nice logo and design. I know my current blogger card doesn't appear really presentable. Well at least, looking a little better than those cards that I saw from other bloggers. Hehehe!


  1. nice sis!! your pic is perfect! you are like a model :D

  2. I like your photo on the side. I agree with Jes, parang business card ng model because of a full body photo.

  3. i love it...hope i can include my photo too pero di pa ko singsexy mo...soon! (wishful thinking lang yun=))

  4. It's actually not bad sis. Looks professional and easily read. You did a good job. =)

  5. Its nice naman. I prepared a set of blogger cards as well since I'm attending an event soon. =)


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