Friday, September 30, 2011

Birthday Gifts and My Daughter's Pink Room

My daughter received the most gifts on her 3rd birthday. The most beautiful gift she received was her pink room. Like I told you, I did the painting of the room and all furniture therein. I also did the design of her furniture. I drawn the look of the bed, cabinet, and tables that we wanted for our daughter and brought them for customization to a furniture-maker in Tagaytay a month prior her birthday.

Pink and purple cabinet and bookshelf rolled into one.
I used butterfly wall stickers to make it look more beautiful.
No carpet yet. I am still looking for a flower carpet that will fit the room.

Lots of birthday gifts. Check the pink electric fan that her uncle gave her!

I told her to pick one gift to open for the camera.

She picked the one right at her front.

Again, butterfly stickers on the wall.

Flower curtains and flower pinwheel.
The heart blanket used as bed sheet doesn't match the theme.
Update: I already bought a flower blanket a week ago.

Wow, it is a play set!

Trying to master her new pink cellphone.

And, her magic fairy wand.

Books, toys, clothes, shoes, towels, electric fan, play sets, etc.

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