Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wedding Fashion Face Off: Lindsay Lohan Vs. Pippa Middleton

Both Lindsay Lohan and Pippa Middleton wore an Alice Temperley gown to a wedding. Lilo wore the white version to Kim Kardashian's fairytale wedding last Saturday, while Pippa wore the emerald one to her sister Kate Middleton's royal reception last April.

Who do you think wore the plunging Temperley London gown better? Please cast your vote. Check my sidebar for the poll. Thanks! :)

Updated: Thanks to all who voted. Poll closed. Here's the result!

Lindsay Lohan
  3 (18%)
Kate Middleton
  13 (81%)

Votes so far: 16
Poll closed 

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  1. maganda sana tignan kay lilo if only her boobs weren't hanging out... mas classy tignan kay pipa... :P but I prefer the white color kasi... maybe if pipa wore the white one instead? :P ~ sam

  2. Pippa definitely. The Middleton sisters are way too classy than Lindsay.

  3. I agree with justine, White is always better looking than any other color cause it stands out. Although regardless of the color, I'd say Pippa. Lohan's is a bit too sexy in the wrong sense. :)

  4. i like pippa better. she looks regal while lohan looks a bit trashy....

  5. Pippa of course! you put Kate Middleton in your poll instead of Pippa

  6. I happen to love green, and Pippa looks elegant and sexy.

    No elegance there for Lohan.

  7. pippa, hands down! i love the color, the fit, the hair and makeup! :)

  8. i like green so Pippa looked better to me, thanks for visiting my blog

  9. I think Pippa wore it best. Lindsay looks too messy. =)


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