Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time for a Shopping Haul

My last shopping haul was almost two months ago. They say, too much of a good thing is bad, so I just had to wait for a month or two before hoarding things again. Besides, I don't spend like crazy whenever I go shopping. As a mommy shopper, I make sure when to put an end to my shopping spree. I buy mostly necessities and whenever I buy my "wants", I see to it that they are on sale or cheap but with good quality. Here's my shopping haul for the month.

1. Figlia sandals
2. Parisian Original shoes
3. Urban Behavior dress
4. Forever 21 basic top in gray
5. Forever 21 basic top in white
6. gold evening clutch from SM Accessories
7. Cosmopolitan August issue
8. orange bangle from SM Accessories
9. Bobbi nail polish in silver
10. Avon Super Extend mascara
11. Ever Bilena liquid liner
12. Nivea Visage night anti-ageing cream
13. Raven hair spray
14. Nivea Intensive Body Milk
15. Nivea Energy Fresh deo
16. Betadine feminine wash
17. Pond's facial foam
18. Kleenex traveller's tissue
19. Forever 21 pink flower ring
20. Forever 21 turquoise cocktail ring
21. Forever 21 black bandeau (not in picture)
22. Avon shimmer brow liner in brown (not in picture)

The first item was the only pair of shoes that I bought for myself from the MEGA Shoes and Bags SALE. Will feature it together with three other items from this haul in my SALE FIND page. Watch out for that. Laterrsss ladies!


  1. You're such a shopingera sis hihihi! I wanted to buy that Ever Bilena Eyeliner too. But of course, I need to finish of that Nichido and Skin Food pencil eyeliner I have right now :(


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