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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sale Find: Paris Hilton Timeless Chihuahua Shoulder Bag

I already handed down my old Paris Hilton tote to a younger cousin, so it was a perfect timing when they announced that in order to get a pass to Paris Hilton's Meet and Greet at the Mega Atrium, one has to buy a purse from her store. Thanks to advertisers 'cause I was able to earn money to get myself a new bag from Paris Hilton Bags and Accessories. I visited the newest branch in Megamall just 2 days before ribbon-cutting and was happy to get a discount before Paris Hilton herself visited the store.

Very cute bag bling.

Ohhh.. Tinkerbell, is tat u?

Will take care of this bag.

Cos the heiress signed it! :)

Sale Find: Paris Hilton Timeless Chihuahua Flap Bag
Sale Price: P3700
Regular Price: P4,300
Sale From: Paris Hilton Handbags and Accessories - MEGA Atrium


  1. it's so cute and can match most outfits=) truly a great find...signed pa!

  2. wow, signed by paris pa talaga ha! cool.

  3. Its cute. Plus very toned down. Most of her bags I see in SG are similar to Guess' line. =)

  4. I found these handbags at www.iwantgorgeousthings.com
    i think they have 30% Off!
    cool xo


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