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Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm an FNite Blogger

This is something that made very happy last week. Female Network mentioned this blog to their article Blog Roll: Over 35 FNite Blogs You Should Check Out. You know, I am glad to share my knowledge in blogging and online earning to other members. That's why I actively participate in threads that include the world wide web, putting up a blog, etc. Aside from blogging topics, I also join threads about fashion, beauty, shopping, and the like. It's fun being a Girl Talker*. I get to promote my blog and even get featured by Female Network too!

Are you Girl Talker and a blogger as well? Go to the link below and check if you're in the list.


Happy blogging GT friends! More power FN!! Muah.. muah.. muah!!!

*Girl Talker - a forum member of Girl Talk, an online forum over at Female Network.

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