Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Clarity Can Make You Visible

I am not a woman of high-maintenance. I never had a facial and the last time I went to a spa was almost a year ago. Why? Well, It is not because I can't afford the service, it is just my nature not to care "a lot". Though I go to a salon for my yearly hair rebond, clean and color my own nails weekly, and regulary buy products for my skin and body, I still feel that I'm not doing enough to maintain my physical appearance. Believe me, I have four different kinds of creams in my cabinet, but I even miss applying them religiously. I guess, it is about time to change. Thanks goodness that Clarity is here!

Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center offers a wide range of services in dermatology, dentistry, and plastic surgery. In partnership with John Robert Powers, they recently launched the Be Visible Campaign which urges everyone to step out and get noticed.

Some of the people behind Clarity: Ms. Carmie de Leon, Dr. Ma. Karen Lipana, and Ms. Maan Roxas - Tolentino.

"Clarity believes that the road does not end in being aesthetically pleasing. Being beautiful is being visible. Being visible, meanwhile, is putting that beauty into action. To achive more in life, one has to be visible in their chosen endeavor. At Clarity, being able to show what they got, show their self-confidence and become noticeable, that is visible". 
-Carmie de Leon, VP for sales and marketing of Clarity 

Health and beauty bloggers together with Ms. Carmi and the lovely host. Thanks to Gellesh for allowing me to use her photo. That's her in a purple outerwear (beside me in red).

I want to try Clarity's diamond peel one of these days. I'm also planning to see Dra. Ma. Karen Lipana to discuss my beauty concerns. Hope she can truly help me to be more visible! :)


  1. we're all so pretty. hehe. hope to see u next event! ;)

  2. @Gellie: Sure dear! See you again next time!! To the fashion week maybe? :)


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