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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Seduction Lipstick in Deep Marashino

It's been a while since my last beauty product review. I just updated my vanity kit, therefore I have new make up and lipsticks. New because it's my first time to buy and use them, and to see if they work on me, I will try to make a review of every item. Here's the first.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Seduction Lipstick in Deep Marashino 3 g

Regular price: P375 (more or less 9 USD)

This is my photo without lipstick. Ok, I know I need more sleep, so please never mind my eye bags. LOL.

This is the shot with Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Seduction Lipstick in Deep Marashino. I first applied Maybelline Lip Balm in strawberry as a base.

Swatches. Without flash on the left and with flash on the right.

Notes about this product:
-It doesn't leave my lips dry.
-The color looks nice on my pigmented lips.
-Price is very affordable.
-I look pretty with it so.. I will buy it again!

Oh hey, I want to improve my skills in applying makeup and lipstick. I think, my workshop with Reiva Cruz of MUD is not enough. If you have special techniques in applying lippies, please feel free to share them in your comment. I will really appreciate it.

Enjoy your long weekend ladies! xoxo


  1. it has a natural reddish look on your lips <3

  2. it has really been a long time since i last used avon. got to try one again:-).



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