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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Velvety Red

This is not my current nail color and this is not my current nail length. I loved my long nails but couldn't help clipping them short every time I do my manicure. I cook my family's meals everyday, clean bathrooms, etc. so I guess that's why they chipped and broke easily. Now my nails are back to its shortest length. Ohhh.. I miss painting them bold colors like this one below.

This were my nails over a month ago. I colored them velvet red to match my swimsuit which I wore to our hot spring adventure in Laguna.

Nail Polish Brand: Caronia in Tea Rose 8 ml
Nail Color: Velvet Red
Price: P26.50
Value for Money: 8 out of 10

I didn't know that red can be perfect even with short trimmed nails. Hollywood celebrities like Eva Mendes rock them beautifully. Thanks goodness that the short square nail trend is back. I will definitely try it soon!

Eva Mendes' Photo Source: People.Com


  1. I always sport red polish on my short and squared finger nails, I don't tend to keep long nails for too long rin kasi I do a lot of things.

  2. i have red polish.. but havent used it yet =( parang hindi kasi bagay sa kamay ko =(


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