Saturday, July 30, 2011

Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2011

Okay ladies, this could be an off-topic to my usual kind of posts, but I just need to contribute to this year's Top Ten Emerging Influential Blog Writing Project. Here are my top ten picks.

1. Certified Foodies - Don't we just love food? This is the ultimate blog for foodies and food lovers out there. Check this site for your daily dose of yummy treats, restaurant reviews, and things that involve your gastronomic cravings. Happy eating!

2. Green Living Ideas - Because of the global awareness on living green, we need a blog like Green Living Ideas which will remind us to recycle and reuse things, choose eco-friendly materials, and avoid stuff that will harm our planet. Go green everyone.

3. My Painted Lips - This is the only lipstick blog I know. A blog that is owned by one of my blogger friends, Mommy Pehpot. You know as a girl blogger, I mostly read stuff about fashion and beauty. Good thing Mommy Peh features things like that in her blog. Plus, like her, I also can't leave the house without using any of my lippies. Va-va-voom mommies!

4. Mom Writes - This blog is owned and run by no other than, the talented mother, Mommy Rubz. She has more than 50 blogs, but this one is the best among them because its content is all about happy thoughts and happy memories. I also like blogging about happy things of the same subjects, so I am nominating her to the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2011.

5. The Blogger's Journal - As a blogger, I need a journal where I can read how to's and tips on blogging and other stuff about the blogosphere. That's why I occasionally visit this site for some information inline with blogging

6. Tottering Mama - This blog is not just another mommy blog. It's about a full-time wife and a hands on mom to two kids, who prefers toting her tots than an expensive tote.

7. Mommy Survival - If you are a first time mom like me, I bet you sometimes go crazy with parenting, home management, and wifey duties. This blog is like an online guide to mothers who are in need of a little help in running a home. Mommy Ellen is the one running this blog.

8. Pepperific - I just like how cute the name of this blog is. Owned by Mommy Pep, Pepperific is about the strength of a single mom, surviving the day to day life with her kid. Visit this blog for helpful tips on parenting and living a life as a single mother.

8. Notepad Corner - This blog has it all from tips on parenting to tips on cleaning your washroom. Mommy Joy is the person behind this blog. She shares anything she believes could be essence to one's daily life.

10. LEVYousa - The owner of this blog has a creative way of sharing her personal thoughts, useful tips and information, and inspiring stories of life. Levy's blog like others say, will make you "levytate".

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  1. Hello Sis,
    I followed and liked you back. Have a nice day.

  2. Bonga! Salamat sa inyong pag supporta!

    Thanks Mommy! Kisses and Hugs!!!

    From Mommy Rubz... :D

  3. Thanks for the nice write up on pepperrific :)

  4. thanks for sharing these great blogs!

  5. Thanks for voting for my blog. And, yes, my tots are worth more than all the signature bags in the world. ^_^

  6. I really appreciate the way you described my blog :) thank you very much for having Notepad Corner as one of your nominees :)

    thanks for the visit too! don't be shy please come again hihi

  7. yay.. thanks for sharing these lovely blogs.. ^_^ im gonna pay them a visit ^_^


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