Friday, July 08, 2011

The Red LOOK

I am loving this new magazine in town called LOOK with the fabulous Miss Venus Raj on the cover. I believe, LOOK is another magazine which is comparable to Cosmopolitan. They feature diet and fashion tips and award their readers for contributions and stuff.

Be Gorgeous-- a very powerful words as a tagline esp. with Miss Venus Raj, a Miss Universe beauty as the cover. Don't we just adore how beautiful that bubble dress is on her?

Photo Source: Facebook.Com/LookMagazinePH


  1. She looks great and I love how they have done the design of the cover as well :D

  2. I like Venus' gown on that cover. I wish I could wear it also. =)

  3. She looks elegantly fab with that dress!

  4. She looks kinda like Angelina Jolie in the cover. =) Haven't seen this magazine yet, is it available in National Bookstore?

  5. Looks interesting. Is it also like Marie Claire? I miss that mag so much! =)


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