Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Rainy Weekend Up North

I took it as a joke when hubby first told me that we'll be driving to Baguio and Vigan. These days, the weather is rainy so the roads are wet and slippery. I also warned him about the landslides and zig-zaggy mountain roads. Well, Saturday came and it was sunny so the trip pushed through.

I made it to Baguio for the third time!
My outfit here: leopard Forever 21 earrings, bubble-sleeved top from HerBench, Collezione denim shorts with braided belt, leopard tights (not obvious in the photo) from Surplus Store, and my DIY leopard shoulder bag.

A big landslide somewhere in Kennon Road. Actually, we saw lots of this on our way up.

When in Baguio, I guess you know you'll feast on veggies like this one.. a plate of seafood chopsuey. Yummy!

I also gotta try this. The so called strawberry taho. Only in Baguio, my dear!

There was this small bar at Session Road, I forgot its name, and they got the best fries! It went pretty well with my four seasons "mock cocktail" or mocktail.

Stayed here for 3 hours, listening to the live music while talking to hubby and BIL.

The next day was Sunday, so we dropped by the pink church.
What I wore that day: Forever 21 plain top, Penshoppe biker jeansleopard Forever 21 earrings, DIY leopard shoulder bag, Zara flats, Guess watch, and a random pink scarf from Turkey.

At foot of THE LION HEAD, on the way home.

Hubby realized that it wasn't easy to go up north. It was foggy and it rained again that Sunday afternoon so we decided not to go to Vigan anymore. After looking around SM Baguio, Session Road, Baguio Cathedral, Burnham Park, and Camp John Hay, we proceeded to the city market and shopped for vegetables and other pasalubongs.

Hayyyy.. lots of places that we weren't able to visit because of the rainy weather. Honestly, the trip was a little tiring, but still fun. It was like a breathe of fresh air, seeing lots of greens, and eating lots of greens.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Amazing nature :D And you all look so cute in front of the pink church! Your little girl has gotten so big:)

  2. i never been to baguio yet coz im afraid of the roads on the way there, it could be dangerous Y^Y
    i want to go huhu
    lovely post :D gosh taho!! strawberry taho sikat n sikat! gusto ko din nyan. wats the nationality of ur hubby if u dont mind me asking :)

  3. I miss Baguio. I haven't been there in a very, very, very long time. Is it still cold up there? =D

  4. @Michi: Thanks sis.

    @Sandra: Yeah, I love that photo too.

    @aMz: Try to go on a fine sunny day. Btw, hubby is Turkish dear.

    @Organized: Yes, it is still cold up there. In fact, we didn't even use a fan or aircon where we stayed.

  5. is the road going there safe?
    im also interracial :D my dad is half sudanese-egyptian, my mom grandfather is spanish :)

  6. Haven't been to Baguio since I was a kid. Haha. That strawberry taho seems interesting, is it as good as I think it is? =)

  7. ganda naman nang gateway nyo all your outfit....:) ganda nang new header mo...pretty!

  8. @amZ88: Roads are safe, but you just have to be careful with the curves and the slippery areas where water falls. Hey, isn't it cool to have mix of cultures within you? :)

    @blackshirt: Yes, it is! You should try it once you visit Baguio!

    @Dhemz: Thanks sis. Visited you back. Hihi.

  9. yup its kinda cool somehow confusing at times when growing up but its all ok :) i love both sides lol all sides that is ^^ ill try to go to baguio someday hihi its very rainy this month, its like september

  10. Haven't been to Baguio in years! I miss traveling! Hay! =(

  11. I miss Baguio!!It's been awhile since our last trip there~thanks for posting!Strawberry taho is interesting!^_^


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