Thursday, July 21, 2011

KotseBook: Your Ticket to your Dream Car

Are you planning to finally purchase your dream car? Looking for a second hand car that fits your budget and lifestyle? Or thinking of selling your car but doesn't know where to post it? I guess I know what website you exactly need to visit. Introducing the best car directory in the Philippines --!

This is where car buyers and sellers meet. Check their car listings using the search button and you will be guided to a page with lots of units to choose from. Those cars are from different makers and models with prices that vary according to their use, feature, and age. The best thing about this site is it's totally FREE! That means, everyone can in post his car for sale by just providing some basic information, photos, specifications, and the like. Plus, when looking for a specific car in a specific region, one can limit the search to easily find a match. Not to mention, buyers can do the transaction offline by just getting the number of the car seller.

Cellphone: +63922-254-7630


  1. thanks for sharing! will definitely check this out :)

  2. im gonna refer this to my workmates ^_^ they're looking for second hand but still in good quality cars


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