Saturday, July 09, 2011

Headband with Animal Print

I finished making 3 headbands in pink, purple, and red for my daughter. Now it's time to make a headband for myself. I still have leftover fabric from my last project, so I used a small portion of it to upgrade a cheap headband that I bought from a mall.

Step 1: Glue enough fabric to cover the headband.

Step 2: Seal the inner part of the headband with red ribbon.

Step 3: Cover the tips of the headband with black ribbon.
Dyaarrraaannn! My new animal printed headband!!

Materials Used:

-plain headband
-red ribbon
-black ribbon
-animal printed fabric
-glue gun
-glue stick

This project costs less than P50 only. If you wish to make your own DIY headband, you can play with the design, color, and fabric. Make your imagination work and you'll surely save on your shopping money.

Happy DIY weekend everyone! :)


  1. Ang galing naman! You're creative sis. Mahal yan sa dep store ha.

  2. The animal print would look really good on your hair. Love it ^_^

  3. hello! wow this is really cute. Try ko nga to te.

    just want to inform you that I got the package and it's so lovely. muaaahhh thanks a lot ate... love it talaga

  4. wow! that is pretty clever sis..I like this idea...thanks for sharing....pretty creative!

  5. Ganda talaga ang leopard print ka naman suot yang headband sis, i wanna see it:-)


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