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Thursday, July 14, 2011

DIY Bib Necklace

Just when I thought making a bib necklace using beads is easy, this one took me over 2 days to complete. Why? First, sewing the beads one by one was tough, and two, I ran out of beads at the second day.

This is how I made my first ever bib necklace. I bought most of the materials from Carolina's in Megamall. Sorry that the photo above doesn't reflect the exact colors of the beads, but it looks pretty like the one below.

I am still thinking when and how to wear this. What do you think of a plain tube dress and some heels? I don't know. Maybe.


  1. aww..kudos to you my dear,very well done!

  2. i didn't know that you're so crafty. love it. yep, it's best with a tube dress...=)

  3. hihi parang yung mga nakikita ko sa mga etsy shop ^_^


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