Friday, July 01, 2011

Color Blocking (Just a Try)

When I first saw color blocking on the runway, I knew I will definitely try it. However, for my first try, I only came up with a very simple ensemble. I'm still kinda afraid to experiment with my outfit. I guess I'll post another try when guts is ready. Haha!

I wore this outfit to my daughter’s friend’s birthday party. As a mom, I always make sure to wear something with happy colors everytime I go out with my little one or have to attend a children’s event. So, I wore a random pink cardigan, blue top from Forever 21, jeans from SM, Zara flats, and Celine quilted denim flap bag (gift from a dear friend).

Four Simple Tips on Color Blocking from Me :)
1. Afraid to do it the wrong way? Try to experiment with the primary colors red, blue, and yellow first.
2. Use the colors that don’t fight a lot like complementary colors and monochromatic colors.
3. Do not mix more than 5 colors in one outfit.
4. Remember, if you think it looks bad, then it looks BAD!

If you are a certified fashionista, I would like to hear from you. Any tips or advice on color blocking? TIA.


  1. ganyan ba yung hndi match? tama ba ko sa color blocking? hehe

  2. I'm not a fashionista but I love color blocking coz it's cool in the eyes and trend for the summer. Colourful tops,accessories and nails for me^_^

    Enjoy your weekend,Mrs.Kolca!

  3. Have not tried this trend yet. Then again, most of my wardrobe pieces are in basic neutral colors like black and gray. Haha. Might try this once I get ahold of more colorful pieces. =)

  4. I love color blocking. :) Eye-catching!

  5. i love the Pink Cardigan sis:-) nice color blocking! love it:-)

  6. cool:) luv the mix. hope to see more of this.

    you've got an interesting thing going on here... hope you dnt mind xlinks. keep up the fun stuff:)

  7. You're wearing my favorites, pink (ofc;) and blue. I also like it combined.


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