Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to Vitamins

Last March while having my routine check up and pap smear, my OB advised me to start taking vitamins even I honestly told her that I don't like the idea. She knew that I was already turning 31, that's why she insisted that I must take vitamins E and C for a healthier life like other women of my age.

Well, the obedient patient that I am bought a hundred of vitamin E 400 iu and another hundred pieces of vitamin C the same day. So far, I have no complains aside from the awful taste of the vitamin C tablet and sometimes, its super sleepy mode effect to me. I guess I will have to continue taking my vitamins until my doctor suggests to change them.

I think most of us already know the benefits of taking vitamin C, so I only did a little research on vitamin E just in case you are not fully aware of its benefits like me.

Health Benefits of Vitamin E
from iHealthDirectory.Com

All of the benefits of vitamin E are due to the antioxidant and blood thinning properties. Some benefits of vitamin E include: immune system booster, protection of the nerves and muscles, protection against eye disorders (like inflammation of the eye tissues and cataracts), defense against rheumatoid arthritis and possibly other types of arthritis, asthma, and various diabetes-related complications. Other benefits, along with their explanations, are listed below.

Prevents heart disease and cancer
Since vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant, it protects the cells against the damage that free radicals can impose on them. Free radical damage can lead to the development of heart disease and cancer.

Anti-aging effects on the skin
Another beneficial property due to the antioxidant power of vitamin E is the effects that it has on the skin and other parts of the body with respect to aging. The skin benefits to a great extent. In fact, many skin care products contain vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to regulate levels of vitamin A in the body, which is, in itself, beneficial for the skin; it can help protect against ultraviolet radiation that can harm the skin. The anti-aging effect on the skin is marvelous.

Protection of cell membranes
This, again, is due to the antioxidant properties of vitamin E.

Keeps the blood circulation healthy
Since vitamin E works to prevent blood clots, it helps keep the circulatory system moving and working properly. A healthy circulation system is essential.

Do you take vitamins or food supplements for that matter? What kind of vitamins or supplements do you take?


  1. I used to take both too, but stopped for the meantime. I took FERN-C and Myra-E btw.

  2. I've heard so many good effects of VitE. They're giving free MyraE in David's Salon but gave it to my nanny. I think she needs more energy than I do. I'm not taking any vitamins right now. But I think I should start with VitB complex... I need to increase my appetite.

  3. Health is the greatest wealth. Sunod lang dapat sa doc. Better safe than sorry nga naman. =)


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