Sunday, July 31, 2011

DIY Project: Quilted Leopard Print Shoulder Bag

This is the most ambitious DIY project that I ever had. To achieve the look I that want, I did my best to look for the materials suited to it. Though I already have a couple of chain bags, including the pink quilted bag than was given to me recently, I made this to get rid of the leftover fabric in my sewing bag.

This is the layering of materials.

The look inside out.

This is almost done.

Now, what do you think? :)

Materials Used:
-leopard fabric (leftover from my skirt)
-thin foam
-black thread
-black gina cloth
-black cord
-black ribbon
-big black button (free from my knitted coat)

Believe it or not, the total cost of this project is less than P100. Too cheap I know, but that's for real. See me wearing this bag HERE.

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Symphony of Lights + Cafe de Coral

One of the many tourist attractions in Hong Kong is A Symphony of Lights. It is the synchronised display of lights coming from the participating buildings in and around the Victoria Harbour. It is held every night for a period of ten minutes starting at 8 o'clock, provided that the weather is fine. They didn't have A Symphony of Lights during the time that I was working in Hong Kong from year 2002 to 2003. I believe the Hong Kong Tourism Board organized it a year after.

The day before I met Lady Gaga, we were at the Kowloon Public Pier to witness the ceremony of these amazingly beautiful lights.

A lot of people were merely standing in admiration, while others were busy taking photos and videos.

My camera didn't get a good view of the background when the flash was used. Booo!

But, it was able to capture the lights that were reflected to the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower and Hong Kong Cultural Centre as taken in a short distance.

We got hungry after the show, so we ate at Cafe de Coral, the number one fast food in Hong Kong.

Hubby carefully read the meal sets and as usual, he chose chicken over duck or pork from the menu.

This was my meal (hubby ordered the same). It's Chinese chicken BBQ with steamed rice and bok choy on the side.

This was my cousin's meal. She ate her favorite pork BBQ.

That's all for now. Will post more of our travel adventures next time! :)

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Sale Find: Animal Printed Tank Top

I bought this top while shopping for more items to be added to Pink MagaLine's Biggest Giveaway. I love its print a lot, plus it is long enough to cover the bum when worn. I tried it on together with my Miley Cyrus wet leggings and they looked just perfect together.

Sale Find: Poetry Long Tank Top with Tiger Print
Overrun Price: P199.75
Sale From: Surplus Store - Megamall Bldng. A Branch

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gretchen Barretto for Metro August 2011

As stated on the cover, Metro magazine features the showbiz's queen of high fashion's latest invention this August. The beautiful and timeless Gretchen Barretto graces the cover of Metro Magazine's the Celebrity issue, wearing Prada from head to toe.

That large sequined dress accented with a fur stole was seen on the runway from Prada's Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection.

By the way, what is a stole? In case you don't know, a stole is a woman's shoulder scarf of fur, marabou, silk, or other material according to

Now who do you think wears it better? Is it Greta or the model? Hihi.

Source of Photos: Facebook.Com/Metro.Magazine and FashionBombDaily.Com

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pink MagaLine's Biggest Giveaway

I am finally done shopping and collecting the goodies for my giveaway. It is about time to make it run. I call this my biggest giveaway because the total cost of the items below plus the ad service is over 5 times bigger than any of my previous giveaways. Teehee!

Above is the bed of goodies for the lucky winner and below is the enumeration of prizes.

H & M purple top (the flash made it blue) and Aeropostale tank top. They are both in medium size so they'll fit most of you.

DIY leopard headband, stack bangles, Forever 21 hoop earrings, and flower clips. I think you recognized the first two. I am giving them away because.. the headband won't fit my head (I have a big head. Huhuhu!), while the bangles, I realized, aren't just my style.

Multicolored bag hanger (bags are not included). I got this as an "exchange gift" last Christmas, but never used it because I already have a space for my bags in my closet.

Bobbie, Caronia, and Etude House nail polish. All new except for the peach Etude House which I tested just once.

Barbara Bort lip balm and AVON ultra moisture rich lipstick.

Johnson's & Johnson's travel/school pack, Nivea deo, Glam Papaya shower gel, Sofeel facial tissue, and Harmony, imported Malaysian soap in 5 different variants.

Hey wait.. you think that's all? There's more! 
This is something that will surely help you to reach more audience for your blog.
What is it? It is an ad space!
The winner of this giveaway will also get a 1/4 page magazine ad from on its next issue.
Now tell me.. do you like it? Or do you love it? Hahaha.
Thanks to for making this happen!!!

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It is hard for me to ship these items since some of them are breakable and flammable. For that reason, I am restricting this contest to anyone who can meet me. That means, anyone abroad who could send a representative to pick up the prizes are welcome too. Take note that the meet-up will be scheduled and should be anywhere near Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong only.  

Contest starts today and will end August 31, 2011 at 9 AM (Manila time). The winner will be chosen through random and will be announced the same day.

Good luck ladies!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Audition for Project Runway Philippines Season 3!

I am a fan of Project Runway that's why I celebrated when they took the show to the Philippines and started airing on ETC in 2008. Now coming to its season 3, Project Runway Philippines is looking for that next big Filipino designer. If you think you have what it takes to be the next Manny Marquez or Aries Lagat, then I bet you should be ready for your audition now!


1. You must be at least 21 years old, a Filipino citizen and passionate about fashion design.

2. Send in your biodata and audition videos to:
Project Runway Philippines Season 3
Solar Entertainment Corporation
10th floor, 100 Solar Century Tower
Todesillas cor. HV Dela Costa Sts.
Salcedo Village, Makati 1227

3. Visit the audition sites on the following dates
(walk-in applicants are welcome):

Aug 20-21 Cagayan De Oro City
Pryce Plaxa Hotel, Carmen Hill

Aug 27-28 Lahug, Cebu
Marco Polo Hotel

Sept 3-4 Baguio City
Hotel Supreme, Magsaysay Avenue

Sept 6-7 Makati City
Jungle Gym, Kamagong St., San Antonio Village

4. Be sure to bring the following to the auditions:
A. Birth Certificate
B. Portfolio
C. Three (3) completed outfits of your design

Photo Source: Facebook.Com/OfficialProjectRunwayPH

Friday, July 22, 2011

Andi Eigenmann's Baby Bump

This post is for the fans of Andi who wonder about her look during Preview's Best Dressd Ball. She is probably five months pregnant already, but doesn't stop her to be looking as pretty or even more gorgeous than the rest of the girls who made it to the same event.

The party's theme was Coco Banana that's why she was seen there wearing this sequined gown by Sassa Jimenez. I say its tiered design was just perfect for the baby bump. Don't you agree?

Nevertheless, I salute Andi for being brave enough to keep the baby, thinking that a lot of women out there (not just celebrities) get abortion when they're as young and not yet ready. The pregnancy will surely affect her career, but keeping the baby even the father doesn't take his responsibility over it could be the best decision that she won't surely regret in the future.


Andy Eigenmann revealed the father of her baby. She wrote in her blog

"Maybe instead of feeling bad that Albie (Casiño) left me to take on this responsibility by myself, I should thank him for giving me the opportunity go out and find genuine happiness once again. I'd obviously love for him to be around eventually. You know, to save myself the struggle to find a good way to explain his absence to his child. At the same time, I'd understand. Cus after all, I have no idea who or what kind of a person all the fame and fortune has turned him into now. All I hope is that he's well."

Edited September 7, 2011
Photo Source: Chuvaness.Com

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Polka Dot Skirt

It was a rainy day and I couldn't think of something nice to do. To shoo away my boredom, I once again brought out the portable sewing machine that my MIL handed down to me. Too bad It is a very basic kind of machine, no zig-zag and other creative stitches, the reason why I was not able to sew this skirt perfectly. Thus, the stitches on the garter are uneven and not neat at all. Hayyy.. I am now wishing for a Singer 2273 Esteem II!

Materials Used:
polka dot fabric
black tulle
black garter
black gina cloth
black thread

Anyway, this was one of the easiest skirt that I have sewn. I just layered all three fabrics and then attached them to the garter. The stitches look crazy when examined closely, but overall, this project of mine is comparable to Hollister skirt which I saw in a department store months ago.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Back to Vitamins

Last March while having my routine check up and pap smear, my OB advised me to start taking vitamins even I honestly told her that I don't like the idea. She knew that I was already turning 31, that's why she insisted that I must take vitamins E and C for a healthier life like other women of my age.

Well, the obedient patient that I am bought a hundred of vitamin E 400 iu and another hundred pieces of vitamin C the same day. So far, I have no complains aside from the awful taste of the vitamin C tablet and sometimes, its super sleepy mode effect to me. I guess I will have to continue taking my vitamins until my doctor suggests to change them.

I think most of us already know the benefits of taking vitamin C, so I only did a little research on vitamin E just in case you are not fully aware of its benefits like me.

Health Benefits of Vitamin E
from iHealthDirectory.Com

All of the benefits of vitamin E are due to the antioxidant and blood thinning properties. Some benefits of vitamin E include: immune system booster, protection of the nerves and muscles, protection against eye disorders (like inflammation of the eye tissues and cataracts), defense against rheumatoid arthritis and possibly other types of arthritis, asthma, and various diabetes-related complications. Other benefits, along with their explanations, are listed below.

Prevents heart disease and cancer
Since vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant, it protects the cells against the damage that free radicals can impose on them. Free radical damage can lead to the development of heart disease and cancer.

Anti-aging effects on the skin
Another beneficial property due to the antioxidant power of vitamin E is the effects that it has on the skin and other parts of the body with respect to aging. The skin benefits to a great extent. In fact, many skin care products contain vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to regulate levels of vitamin A in the body, which is, in itself, beneficial for the skin; it can help protect against ultraviolet radiation that can harm the skin. The anti-aging effect on the skin is marvelous.

Protection of cell membranes
This, again, is due to the antioxidant properties of vitamin E.

Keeps the blood circulation healthy
Since vitamin E works to prevent blood clots, it helps keep the circulatory system moving and working properly. A healthy circulation system is essential.

Do you take vitamins or food supplements for that matter? What kind of vitamins or supplements do you take?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Another Set

I saw this outfit of Cameron Diaz then I wanted to play Polyvore in all of a sudden. I just love how cute she looks in that white A.L.C. jumpsuit and Current/ Elliott denim jacket. I believe this photo was taken just the other day while she was in Cancun for the promotion of her new movie Bad Teacher.

Every item in this Polyvore set is under $100. I want it to be considered as a look for less of Cameron's Cancun outfit above, so I chose pieces from stores like ALDO, Miss Selfridge, BEBE, Dorothy Perkins, etc. No item from any luxurious brand here. Enjoy!
Blue White Summer

Blue White Summer by MrsKolca

Red Herring denim jacket
£35 -

Miss Selfridge bandeau jumpsuit
£42 -

Bebe wedge high heels
$95 -

ALDO summer straw handbag
$50 -

Dorothy Perkins wrap bracelet
£15 -

Wendy Mink agate necklace

14k ring
$49 -

Dorothy Perkins gold jewelry
£8.50 -

Cameron's Photo Source: People.Com

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Velvety Red

This is not my current nail color and this is not my current nail length. I loved my long nails but couldn't help clipping them short every time I do my manicure. I cook my family's meals everyday, clean bathrooms, etc. so I guess that's why they chipped and broke easily. Now my nails are back to its shortest length. Ohhh.. I miss painting them bold colors like this one below.

This were my nails over a month ago. I colored them velvet red to match my swimsuit which I wore to our hot spring adventure in Laguna.

Nail Polish Brand: Caronia in Tea Rose 8 ml
Nail Color: Velvet Red
Price: P26.50
Value for Money: 8 out of 10

I didn't know that red can be perfect even with short trimmed nails. Hollywood celebrities like Eva Mendes rock them beautifully. Thanks goodness that the short square nail trend is back. I will definitely try it soon!

Eva Mendes' Photo Source: People.Com

Thursday, July 14, 2011

DIY Bib Necklace

Just when I thought making a bib necklace using beads is easy, this one took me over 2 days to complete. Why? First, sewing the beads one by one was tough, and two, I ran out of beads at the second day.

This is how I made my first ever bib necklace. I bought most of the materials from Carolina's in Megamall. Sorry that the photo above doesn't reflect the exact colors of the beads, but it looks pretty like the one below.

I am still thinking when and how to wear this. What do you think of a plain tube dress and some heels? I don't know. Maybe.

NIKITA on ETC Channel!

I was a big fan of the action-thriller series La Femme Nikita, so I got excited when I found out that they started a new version of it last year entitled Nikita (just like its movie) and will be on air this coming weekend at ETC Channel 14. This time, it is no longer Peta Wilson who plays the role of Nikita, but the Hawaiian born Maggie Q. If you guys recognize her, she is famous for her role in Mission Impossible III and Naked Weapon.

Other stars in the series are Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex and Shane West as Michael. The rest of the cast also include Aaron Stanford as Birkhoff, Melinda Clarke as Amanda, and Xander Berkeley as Percy. Among these league of characters, I guess I will have to check Alex and how she's going to team up with Nikita. Yay, I am freakin' excited for the weekend already!

In season one of this sexy and suspenseful series featuring international action star Maggie Q in the title role, the charming and deadly Nikita waged a war against Division, the agency that created her. Michael - the man who trained her, a man she trusted - was hunting her. But Nikita had an ace up her sleeve: Alex, a girl she trained to infiltrate this secret unit of the government. At the end of season one, Nikita and Alex's relationship had been shattered, and Nikita and Michael's relationship was restored. Now, Nikita and Michael are on the run with a hard drive containing the government's darkest secrets and conspiracies. Together, they are going to right the wrongs that Division has committed over the years, one mission at a time. But leading the hunt for them this time is Alex… and she knows all of Nikita's tricks.

I was still in college during the airing of La Femme Nikita. You know, everytime I watched an episode of it, I would imagine myself being the main character doing all the dangerous tricks. I just thought it was pretty sexy and powerful. Haha! Oh I remember, maybe I can use Nikita's character in a costume play. Wooot wooot! :D

Photo Source: TwitchFilm.Com 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Raffles Design Institute Workshops

Raffles Design Institute, Asia-Pacific's largest international design school, is now in the Philippines! Their Manila campus is located at 18th and 19th floor of the Accralaw Tower in a very posh place of Global City, Taguig. Over a week ago, I received an invitation to attend a series of workshops entitled "Conversations on Fashion and Design" from RDI Manila. I immediately confirmed because of the interesting topics, plus the fact that I've never been to a design school before.

 Miss Meg Aguirre, RDI Manila's Educational Consultant, gave us a short introduction of the school, the courses they offer, and the program for the day.

Afterwards, we were able to look around and take photos of every section of the 18th floor. Clockwise: sample designs of the students, drafting studio, sewing workshop, library, and drawing room.

The Interior Design Workshop: “The Eco-Friendly Condo: 15 Ways to Ethically Upgrade Your Home.” started. It was given by Mr. Lee Miles who taught us how to make a better living space through the use of eco-friendly materials.

The third talk under Fashion Marketing and Management was given by the pretty Miss Nela San Jose. It was entitled "Fashion Trends: The Past Inspiring the Future" wherein she talked about trends from the 1920s to the present. This was my favorite workshop because it helped me upgrade my knowledge about fads and trends.
Thank you so much Miss Nela! I enjoyed sitting next to you and chatting after the workshops.

The Visual Communication Workshop came second to the last. It was entitled "Thinking Visually in Design in the Digital Age" by Buz Walker-Teach. It taught us the importance of keeping a sketchbook just like keeping a journal to be able to document daily experiences by the means of drawing or simply doodling.

Lastly, there was this Fashion Design Workshop: "Local Touch, Global Reach - How To Translate Filipino Products for a Global Market". It was brought to us by Dr. Janet Emmanuel, the very friendly Academic Director of RDI Manila. She made Our Tribe a perfect example of a Filipino product that needs some global translation.
 Thanks for the very warm welcome Dr. Janet! I had fun talking to you and the rest of your team while having lunch.

My certificate from the workshops signed by Dr. Janet and Miss Christine Ejercito, Assistant Registrar of RDI Manila. Cool right? :)

Me against the Raffles wall.

Raffles Design provides quality education through its network of education institutions to develop industry-relevant skilled professionals. It was established in 1990 and currently operates 38 colleges in 34 cities across 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. More than 28,00 students are enrolled in Raffles Education Corp's tertiary programs. It employs over 3,000 academic and administrative staff.

Too bad I don't have a huge enthusiasm to study anymore. I swear I will take a fashion course from this school if only I'm still a teenager. If you girls are interested in fashion and design, don't hesitate to choose them. Good news that they are still accepting enrollees for the July Intake.

Raffles Design Institute Inc.
#18-01/ 19-00 Accralaw Tower, 2nd Avenue and 30th Street
Cresent Park West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Metro Manila, Philippines
Tel. +63 846 2888
Mobile +63 927 738 9898
Fax +63 846 0999