Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sale Find of the Week: Denim Shorts with Braided Belt

Okay, I don’t have flawless legs and I seldom wear clothes that expose them, but these shorts look so cute and stylish. I bought this, thinking of wearing it during spring while in Istanbul. I thought, I can also wear them over a pair of tights during our flight back to Manila, but I ended up wearing it to PFW Holiday 2011 instead.

Sale Find: Sexy Denim Shorts (belt included)
Sale Price: 34.99 TL or P997.2
Regular Price: 37.44 TL or P1067
Sale From: Collezione – Istanbul Forum

The discount that I got for this item is not that big. I just considered it as a sale find because of the fact that I got two items for the price one! I was even more contented when I saw this piece at Forever 21 in Megamall.

They are strikingly similar to each other, right? Check the price and the quality, then decide which one is a better deal.

Cheers! :)


  1. It is indeed a sale find! You can dress up or dress down this pair of shorts depending on your mood (or the weather). The pretty braided belt is so pretty too. Don't we just love short shorts? :)

  2. I don't have flawless legs! those shorts are ko pag may belts.

  3. ay ang sexy naman ng shorts... di bagay sakin heheh... pero ang ganda nya ate ha...


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