Thursday, June 09, 2011


How are you doing ladies? Are you stuck inside the house and got nothing to do? Why not pamper yourself for some manicure and pedicure? Today, I am showing off my newly colored nails. I know one of you requested for nail art in my first nail post. I am yet to explore that field, so for the meantime, let's stick with the basic, okay?

Nail Polish Brand: Caronia in Purple Punch Frosted 8 ml
Nail Color: Purple
Price: P26.50
Value for Money: 7 out of 10

I used this bottle for a couple of times only. I'll see how long it'll last compare with other brands. And oh, I'm already done with colors purple and blue. Next in line are red and pink. What colors/ brand should I try more? Any ideas everyone?


  1. Can't suggest any colors since I always go for the same hue. Red! Hehe. I love Caronia's attempt in expanding their shades but I wish they could work on the staying power. It chips on me even on the same day.

  2. Love the color, was thinking of getting purple for my toenails, might do that (and that's a perfect entry for purple saturdays...) :D -Mirage

  3. sexy! bagay sa fingers mo ang color sis...not really into painting nails...minsan minsan lang....:)

  4. pretty nails... bagay yung nail polish mo :)

  5. @mommy jes: thank sis.. try it too! :)

    @madz: oh, but i think caronia is better than any other nail polish that i tried..^^

    @gmirage: i don't join memes anymore.. i can't keep up in posting weekly kasi eh..hihi.

    @dhemz: kaya nga once a week lang din ako magkulay sis..

    @grace: thank po..


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