Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pink Quilted Flap Bag

I was busy in front of my sewing machine when a knock was heard from the door. My cousin opened it and was greeted by the postal guy who declared that I have a delivery from Japan. That time, I suddenly thought of my friend Bambie who lives in Tokyo. She is the owner of Kawaii Princess and Fabbielous Momma, by the way. She got my new address the other day and told me she’ll be sending a card for my birthday, the reason why I was a little bit astonished to receive a package instead of a card alone.

The mailman charge me only P40 custom fee for this. Its main content was a quilted flap bag. It is “Chanel-ish” and pink, so I fell in love with it right away.

Inside the pink bag was its matching coin purse, a birthday card, and then an H & M floral dress for my daughter.

Adik ka talaga Bambie dear. Haha! I know I asked about your new bag which you posted on FB if they have it in pink, but I didn’t expect you to buy one for me. What you did is a very sweet gesture. Plus, you even sent it two days before my birthday. Thank you so much talaga.

NOTE: A very similar quilted bag is now available in TOMATO for only P650.


  1. That was so sweet of your friend! =) And advance(?) happy birthday too!

  2. you're friend is so sweet! i like your pink bag! =)

  3. so cute.... i see her blogs too cuty pink

  4. Nice bag! Buti na lang hindi ka nacharge ng mahal sa PO. =)

  5. how thoughtful of your friend sis, i love the pink "chanel-ish" bag even if am not that girlie ;)

    happy birthday!

  6. so sweet! bait talaga ni ganda....:) belated happy birthday sis....wish you the best of everything....:)

  7. I love the dress. Can I have it? haha, just joking..prefect for a girl like you ! Just dropping by! Ciao!

  8. Im glad you love it.. pagkakita ko palang dyan, naisip ko na yun. Quilted flap bag pala tawag dyan haha, didnt know basta alam ko Chanelish..

    I didnt know that they'll charge the receiver pala.. bakit kaya? Ive been sending (big) ems to my sister pero d naman sya nacha-charge... Well anyways, hope Askim loves the dress too..

  9. @Bambie: Yes sis, quilted ang tawag kasi tinahi na parang quilt ang style.

    Normal daw po yun sabi nila. May charge talaga ang customs. Nagbigay naman sila ng resibo eh.

    Hayy naku! Si Askim super like nya yun maliit na bag. Medyo malaki pa yun dress, so baka in a month or two pa nya masusuot.

    Thanks a lot sis. So sweet of you. Muah! :D


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