Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Weekend in Tagaytay

We drove to Tagaytay for the first time last weekend. The bad thing was, we missed the exit going to Tagaytay City from SLEX, so the trip going there was not a fun experience at all. Anyhow, we were able to make it to Picnic Grove after almost 3 hours-- one of the good things.

And then, the weather was sunny and partly cloudy that day. Thanks God it did not rain! We enjoyed picnicking all day while looking at the lovely view of Taal Lake and Taal volcano.

Plus, we saw these fruit stalls where there was a great pineapple plantation at the back. I bought 2 kilos of yellow mangoes, 5 pieces of pineapples, a papaya, and jackfruit from one of the stalls. Tagaytay mangoes and pineapples are the sweetest. They made me want to go back there soon.

Some of the interesting things to try, aside from riding a horse and flying a kite, over at Tagaytay's Picnic Grove are zip lining and riding the cable car. Do you dare to ride?

I swear it was a good idea to visit this place-- very relaxing. Too relaxing that I forgot to take photos of every detail of our picnic. We brought breakfast, chicken barbecue, pancit canton (Chinese noodles), rice, BreadTalk cake, and then bought a couple of Collette's buco pie on the road for our food.

Hubby and I just celebrated our 5th year anniversary of being together last month. While picnicking that day, I remembered how grateful I am to have found "my pair". In fact, even more grateful that we were given a precious daughter.

I can't be happier. I love these two so much!

Doğum günün kutlu olsun... Bebeğim! ♥

Advance Happy Father's Day too!!!


  1. We always go to tagaytay but never tried to have picnic, will try that too.

  2. Hello Mrs. K! I am here again. Naputolan lang muna ng internet connection heheh... Pero I'm back!

    Anyways, an dami talaga bumibisita jan sa Tagaytay. NAman! Ang ganda ng tanawin at ang saya nyo tingnan :)

  3. We love going to Tagaytay too! We always go to picnic grove but I have never tried the zip line. My sibs say it's fun, but I'm just not ready yet. :) hihi

  4. It's one of my favorite place. I love the cool weather and I always find the area very relaxing. The last time we've been there was New Years Day. Hopefully, we'll get to experience an over night stay there soon.

  5. happy anniversary to you and your husband. :) By the way, I like your fruit market photo :D

  6. oh ang pretty naman ng girl :D ehhehehe love TAGAYTAY!! i will be visiting that again and will do CABLE ride again :D

  7. that's a sweet picture of you and your hubby:)

  8. parang nasa bohol yung second pic mo ate


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