Friday, June 17, 2011

My Recent Shopping Haul

Okay hold on, I know the title says "shopping haul", but I did not break my piggy bank for all of this, okay? The total amount of these things is even cheaper than our monthly association dues. Promise!

a bangle with enamel design

more bangles 

pink and yellow nail polish from Etude House

a dozen of cotton spandex undies.. yay!

some things to be posted under the SALE FIND category

fabric, garter, beads, ribbons, foam, etc.

That's about it. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I guess I will be out to have fun and relax. Unlike last year, I won't have a home party or friends invited for for a fiesta of pizza and pasta. Yeah.. boring isn't it? Well, I don't know. I guess it's all about getting old. You woke up one day and realized that you're tired with the traditional cakes and candle blowing and you just want to celebrate some other way. Whatever happens tomorrow, I will hopefully tell you the next day.

Cheers everyone and happy weekend! :)


  1. Happy birthday! =) enjoy your day!

  2. wow, nice haul. i love the bangles. belated happy birthday! hope you had fun shopping and celebrating. =)

  3. ayay! you deserve it sis...ganda naman nitong mga bangles nato....:)

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Ms. K! Better late than never. Godbless and more power. By the way, I love those stuffs!


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