Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Current Favorite Pair of Shoes

There is only one pair of shoes that I would want to wear all day these days. That is my first pair of Zara flats. Actually, the first item I ever bought from a Zara store. I bought them the same day I bought my brown patent wedges. So, that was two pairs of shoes at the same day. Yeah, I never did that before, only in Turkey when shoes got cheaper during the Istanbul Shopping Fest.

I paid 39.95 TL or P1,138.50 for this pair.

The animal printed insole and the bow at the front made it look so lovely.

If you want a pair of comfortable shoes for shopping, I suggest you buy flat shoes like this. I checked a Zara store here in Manila, but they don't sell the same shoes. However, I saw a similar kind at a Mango boutique in Mall of Asia just recently. They sell them for P1400+.

Above is the photo of the orange ones, available in black too. The leopard printed insole is absent yet still looking as cute and comfy as my Zara flats.


  1. No wonder it's a fave,maganda kasi.So trendy and looks comfortable,too^_^

  2. I used to wear high heel shoes when I was still in college because I want to be tall but now, I love flat shoes and it is more comfy.

  3. They're really trendy! I think I saw them on Zara Trinoma last February or March. And yes, I must agree, the leopard prints are lovely!

  4. @Clarissa: I wear this pair too much that I sometimes feel bad for it na baka masira agad. Hihi.

    @Michi: Me too! I just love walking fast comfortable esp. when shopping. My heels are now just waiting in the closet.

    @thenadette: Really? How much? Pretty di ba? :)

  5. cute ng flat shoes na to... i like

  6. Wow, they look adorable! I do need a new pair of shoes to wear to work.

  7. What a lovely shoes. Flats shoes are my favorite.


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