Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flowers on My Nails

It was Tuesday morning and I had nothing much to do. While checking my daughter's drawer, I saw two pads of nail stickers which she got from one of the parties that we attended over a year ago. I kept them, hoping that I will be able to use them one day and that day was the day. Like I told you in my previous nail post, I am yet to explore nail art, so finally.. here is my first post on nail art!

First, I coated my nails with Etude House's BR 301 in red tea milk for two times. After allowing them to dry, I applied the 3D Nail flower stickers and then a final coating of the colorless Caronia nail polish for protection.

Here's the result. My nail art looks lovely from a distant, but unfortunately the closer view is not pleasant at all! I think the stickers were too thick that the Caronia colorless paint couldn't press them down well. Another problem is with the Etude House nail paint. If you'll look closely at the photo below, you will see that the color on my middle finger chipped already. Mind you, this photo was taken the same day of application.

Normally, I allow a week to pass before changing my nail color, but this time, I had to change it right away. To add to my dismay, I discovered that some of my nails turned yellow after taking off the paint today. Too bad I forgot to take photos 'cos I was in a hurry covering them with a new color.

You know I used several other brands before, but only Etude House gave this very disappointing result. Now, I'm not sure what to do with my remaining bottles of Etude House nail paints. Remember I bought a couple of in my recent shopping haul? :(


  1. Cute nails, sis! :) Very dainty. I wish I had the patience to prettify my nails din.

    Anyhoo, thanks for visiting my new blog (deleted the old ones 2 weeks ago, 'nung medyo naloloka pa ako).

  2. nice! beautiful! d n ko nakahabol sa comenting ehhehe mga kiddos ko kasi dami request :)) next time ulet! lookig forward sa raffle sa isang contest :)

  3. Did you use a base coat first before the color polish sis? That helps lessen the chances of discoloring your nails.. =)

  4. @L: Thanks sis. I actually missed reading your blogs. Welcome back dear! :)

    @Mommy Jes: Okay po. Good luck next time. Hihi.

    @blackshirt: Ohh.. that's why! Thanks for the tip sis. I will definitely use a base coat next time. But hey, other nail paints don't need a base coat. I mean, how come they don't discolor my nails after use? :(

  5. cuuttee!! I didn't notice mine if it turns yellow whenever I use EH polish. cgro di kasi nagttgl ng 1 wk polish ko.. lol :)) followed you pala :)


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