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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Refashion: Pants to a Skirt

Here is a tip for you ladies who have a pair of neglected pants or jeans in the closet. If you wish to wear them again, take it to a seamstress to be altered and made into a skirt. If you think you can do it yourself, then bring out those scissors and begin cutting them now, just like what I did to this pair of lady trousers below.

Hubby's aunt gave me this as one of her gifts in our last trip to Turkey. I really liked it because of its leopard print, but it was like 2 size bigger than me. I had to think of a remedy to be able to wear it. Hence, after measuring, cutting, and sewing, the finish product is below-- a leopard printed mini skirt.

At first I thought my portable sewing machine won't be able to sew the thick fabric of the trousers. I only used it in making skirts for my daughter, using tulle fabric. As you know, tulle is so much lighter and thinner, one of the easiest fabric to work with. Now that I realized my sewing machine can sew even a thicker fabric, I guess I'll have to start shopping for materials to make bed sheets, pillow cases, and curtains for my daughter. Yay, more projects to come!


  1. ahahahaha cool ;) what kind of portable sewer is that? i want one too! :D

  2. wow galing! bumili ka rin ba ng portable sewing machine sis? More projects to come haha:-)

  3. I super like this!!! I'm so into altering clothes, even my gold jewelries, I have them altered fromtime to time.

  4. wow galing mo talaga ate! Bilib talaga ako sa cretivity mo. At hindi masyadong halata na gusto mo ang leopard print hehe

  5. Nice! I love the end product. The miniskirt looks so cool. =)

  6. You really know how to make use of everything. love your bag and your DIY corner! :D


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