Friday, June 10, 2011

Milk for Women

Aside from eating yogurt and other dairy products, I usually drink a glass of fresh milk in the morning to satisfy my daily calcium needs. This habit of mine started when I was 26 years old. It was my then boyfriend (now hubby) who encouraged me to drink fresh milk. I don't drink tea or coffee, so it was easy for me to shift from chocolate drinks to milk drinks. I know my calcium intake is not enough so just recently, I started drinking Athena.

Honestly, the vanilla flavored Athena tastes nice but too sweet for me. To lessen the sweetness, what I do is I mix it with fresh milk and a small portion of cold water. I haven't tasted the chocolate flavored one, though. I hope it is not as sweet as vanilla.

The benefits of drinking Athena milk:

1. Beautiful Skin. Athena provides anti-oxidants (Vitamin A, E and Zinc) to help women's skin become healthier and more beautiful.

2. Strong Bones. Athena is high in calcium to help strengthen women’s bones.

3. Slim Figure. Athena is low in fat to help women maintain a slimmer figure.

I recommend this milk for all women ages 25 and up. Take Athena milk for stronger bones, slimmer figure, and more beautiful skin. Athena is available in all leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. Suggester retail price for 180g is P130 and P273 for 400g.

Live healthy everyone!! Cheers!!!


  1. ohh, i'm guilty. i don't drink milk regularly...
    but i always like milk in other forms: milk lotion, milk bath, milk scrub. lol

    i wish to see you visiting my blog too. ;)

    _sugarnspice_ of GT

  2. Hmm... Bearbrand lang iniinom ko te... mahal po ba yan? Gusto ko po sana tikman kasi gusto ko din gumanda skin ko :)

  3. naku, guilty din ako. I really don't like milk. Even if I was diagnosed with dextroscoliosis 6 years ago, I still didn't like milk. But last week, my back hurt like hell it scared me and made me buy ANLENE. hehe! got the chocolate flavored one. Still convincing myself to drink it regularly so thank you for this post. =)

  4. i used to drink milk kahit n bear brand lang pero ngayun nde na :D kasi ayw ko fresh milk dito :((

  5. I used to drink milk, napatigil lang kasi pinagbawal ng doctor at tumataas sugar ko. Haha. Will resume once nag-normalize na ulit glucose levels ko.

  6. kahapon lang binilhan ako ng mama ko nito... ^^ post ko sa blog ko this week

  7. Akala ko po nakakataba kaya gusto kong uminom.


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