Saturday, June 11, 2011

Arm Candies of the "Temptation Island" Girls

I bought a copy of Preview magazine June 2011 issue the other week. I know I was supposed to get Cosmopolitan magazine, but this month's Preview hooked me more. Guess what made me drool a bit upon seeing the photo of the lovely cover girls-- their designer bags!

Marian Rivera and her blue Hermes Kelly Bag

Solenn Heussaff toting her YSL Tribute Bag

Heart Evangelista with her orange Hermes Birkin Bag

Lastly, Lovi Poe and her Lady Dior Bag

I honestly think that all of their looks are fashionably outstanding. Marian is so lady-like in her matching white halter dress and sandals. Solenn combined comfort with the current color blocking trend in an orange high-waisted shorts and purple sheer top. On the other hand, Lovi stayed youthful and feminine in a pink dress with plunging neckline and white flip flops. Wait, doesn't she resemble Vanessa Hudgens in that photo?

Anyway, the look that I liked the most is Heart's. Her slim figure is perfect for a plain tee over a pair of skinny jeans and brown pumps. Kinda reminds me of Mrs. Beckham too. What about you ladies? Who do you think is the overall winner when it comes to beauty and style among these Temptation Island stars? 


  1. I am not a Heart Evangelista fan, but I like her outfit here. and that orange Hermes Birkin Bag! :)

  2. These girls are so good looking that they don't need those bags to look good :D

  3. I like Heart's outfit too. I love plain shirts kasi. Clean pero, you can use accessories to add edge to the casual look.

  4. I love marian rivera's dress here and the bag ofcourse :D

  5. I like all of their outfits. Naiinggit ako sa bags nila. LOL

  6. wow the cast of temptation island. They're very pretty!

  7. If we are talking about beauty and style in general, and not regarding these photos, I'd go for Marian. Her style is feminine, comfortable, simple but stylish. But for these photos, I like Solenn's outfit the best.

    1. Thanks for commenting.
      Yeah, Marian is very pretty and stylish. Hope to see her in person.
      Hmm.. Solenn is my favorite, too!


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