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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sale Find of the Week: Sailor Striped Shirt

I was at Istanbul Forum with hubby, my daughter, and sister-in-law to do a spring shopping. When I saw this top from Collezione, I immediately grabbed my size and tried it.

Sale Find: Sailor Striped Shirt
Sale Price: 19.99 TL  or P569.7
Regular Price: 21.39 TL or P609.6
Sale From: Collezione – Istanbul Forum


  1. ito po ba uso ngayon ate? very comfortable to wear.

  2. That's nice,Mrs.Kolca!In ang sailor trend ngayong summer^_^

  3. I am so into stripes right now! :) this is a great find!

  4. cool. that's a very nice shirt. =)

  5. Love this shirt! Blue is one of my favorite colors...and stripes are just awesome! :D


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