Saturday, May 21, 2011

Frosted Blue

This is going to be my first nail post ever. For those who don't know me, I normally have clean short nails and I rarely use color. If there's a need to attend a special occasion and I have to be wearings sandals, that's when I apply color on my toe nails and natural polish for my finger nails.

Why change all of a sudden? Well, I was able to grow healthy nails for almost 2 months while out of the country. And by the way, when I say healthy nails, I mean strong and thick. Plus, going to a runway show last Sunday, I felt the need of cleaning and coloring my nails instead of cutting them short. Came the next day at the grocery, I saw lots of nail polish in lovely colors which made me promise to do manicure and pedicure at least once a week.

Nail Polish Brand: Caronia in Dare Frosted 8 ml
Nail Color: Navy Blue
Price: P26.50
Value for Money: 8 out of 10

This nail polish is available in all leading department stores and groceries nationwide. Sorry.. I know it doesn't look like navy blue in photos. I tried taking pictures with and without flash, but the result is same. Waahhh!

For the ladies who love nail painting and want to follow the blue nail polish trend, I think this nail polish is a good pick. It is affordable, dries quickly, and applies smoothly. 

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. i've been seeing a lot of blued nail polish lately + would like to have one myself, the problem is i suck at applying nail polish cause i don't know how...must visit the salon soon, my toenails are in dire need of pampering, i hope i had the time soon! :)

  2. Very bold colors! If I was younger I'll have those!

    -followed via gfc and added you to my blogroll as well. :) -Mirage

  3. me too. i rarely put on nail polish. in fact i rarely go to the salon to have mani-pedi. mainipin ako. i can't stay put in one place for a long time. even sa grocery, i can only stay for 30minutes otherwise inip nako. i think i have ADD ...=)

    i love the blue=)

  4. I never tried a blue colored nail polish before. I usually go for shades in red. But that totally suits you. Nice!

  5. wonderful sissi! i love nail polish its just that tamad ako maglagay :))

    Pls add me to your blogroll and ill add you to my women's blog :)

    if you have time already ls join us family time on monday at :)

    mwah! miss yoU!

  6. i never tried blue nail polish sis, i always used light pink, brown,dark brown and light brown. hindi kase bagay saken ang blue haha...pero sau bagay na bagay hihi. next time try mong lagyan ng design sis un ang uso ngayon eh.

  7. I have this polish too! But I only use it on my toenails since I rarely color my digits. Love the color! =)

  8. sobrang tamad ko na maglagay ng nailpolish :D but I don't think babagay sa akin ang blue :(

  9. that's a lovely color! It's been quite awhile since I had my nails done...thanks for the reminder :)

  10. Nice naman tingnan sayo Ate. But for me, nakaka itim kasi tingnan pag ndi maputi ang gagamit :D

  11. I like your nails sis...ako din always short yung nails ko...d kasi ako sanay na matulis yung kuko ko...ehehehe...the color looks great on your fingers!

  12. oalala Love the color!

  13. ganda ng polish pero gusto ko ung hawak :))


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