Friday, May 20, 2011

Color Blocking at the Forever 21 Holiday 2011 Runway Show

Last fashion week, models of Forever 21 walked in bright and colorful clothes. Some of them are monochromatic and complimentary, others are contrasting colors. Just look at these photos from the runway show. Very much alive and fun, right?

I used to dress in dark hues like black, blue, and teal. I just gradually added colors into my wardrobe. Red at first, then pink when I gave birth to my daughter. Now, I have a lovely pile of colors in my closet, but honestly, I haven't tried color blocking yet. I mean, I wanted to try it. I guess I was just too afraid to fail in putting them together. After seeing the Forever 21 Holiday 2011 Collection, I told myself that I really should try color blocking soon. Oh well, just expect some outfit post next time. I hope I will be able to pull it off. Hihi.


  1. They're lovely! they're really very fashionable.

  2. eye candy...ganda naman nito....they rock it! fan ka talaga nang F21 sis...musta na kayo jan? tagal pa kau uuwi nang pinas...hope all is well!

    hugs and kisses kay Askim!

  3. Isn't Brian Boy just amazing :D ?
    Hmmm.. I'm not really fond of the Forever 21 collection. TOO color blocking, in my opninion!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog.


  4. I love Forever21...I really need to add some bright colors to my wardrobe. I'm really into more of the "rocker style" clothing myself though. I need some 80's brights though!

  5. ang sarap naman sa mata nito :)

    panu k nakaka attend dito sis?

  6. gusto ko talaga mag suot ng mga fashionable na clothes and accessories... hay kung maraming pera lang sana ako ^^


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