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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turkish Winter Street Fashion

Street fashion here in Istanbul is interesting. I was amazed how creative people are in layering and color coordinating clothes. Hubby and I went to a couple of famous tourist spot, so I took the freedom in taking photos.

Girl 1: Black tights, jacket, and bag, red shoes, floral skirt with red lining, and red flower in her hair.
Girl 2: Red jacket, animal-printed sling bag, knee-high boots, and pale tights.
Girl 3: Sneakers, boyfriend jeans, black hobo, blazer, and pink headband with flowers.
Girl 4: Printed ugg boots, black coat, leather bag, and red scarf.

Girl 5: Black leather jacket, navy bubble skirt, pale purple tights, brown boots, and leather bag.
Girl 6: Brown trench dress, black ugg boots, sling bag, scarf, and white sunglasses.
Girl 7: Long ruffled skirt, black blouse over white button down top, and black heels.

So, which style do you like? Why?


  1. wow, ang galing naman..i fantatized these get-ups kaso super hot sa Philippines

  2. wow i wanna see your winter fashion naman.. anyway, as for me, i think my style is the girl 6 :) masyadong comfy at parang nagmadali nag-ayos..

    miss you.. enjoy your stay there

  3. Hmmm, I like Girl 6's get up. Pero parang okay din Girl 4.

  4. I like the one with the long ruffled skirt. Mala-gypsy-like get up ang type ko :D

  5. I like Girl 6's getup too. Completely my style.

  6. i like the girl 5 and 6. Kahit ang ginaw, di parin nawawala yung pagka fashionista!

  7. iba din ang fashion trends jan sis ano....glad to here from you...am sure you guys are enjoying your time in Istanbul...baka magkita kau ni Elmas...ehehehe...joke!

  8. i love it when the weather is cold! you can dress up some more!

  9. I'm digging girl 7's outfit. Although di applicable dito satin, it's too hot right now. :)

  10. wow i love the skirt....ung long skirt!

  11. sexy din yung nasa sa 1st photo sa second row


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