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Friday, April 01, 2011

Merhaba From Istanbul!

The weather in Istanbul is still cold. I thought winter is already over-- I was wrong. It was 7 degrees when we arrived at the Ataturk Airport last week. Brrrrr.. colder than I expected. Anyway, hope for the season to change soon ‘cos I really don’t like layering too much clothes. We got internet connection the other day. I have been meaning to post some update, but felt lazy. Sleeping is really nice when it’s cold, right? Plus, a bunch of hubby’s relatives visited until the weekend, so we’ve been busy at home too.

Istanbul Shopping Fest is on and most stores sell discounted items. We were able to shop a couple of times. It was not as fun as shopping in Manila, though. For each item I buy, I always have to think of the equivalent price in dollar then convert to peso (haha.. I am that stingy). Compare to Philippines, items only get cheaper when offered from 50 to 70% off. For example, I saw a big leatherette tote at Mango for only 49 TL or roughly 1500 Php. Really cheap, but I did not get it cos luckily, after looking around a lot, we were able to find a purse from a local brand in genuine leather (will blog about it later).

That will be all for now. Will post more about food, people, shopping, and culture later. Promise.

Note: For my March giveaway, I will send the prize to the winner in May. Sorry about this cos I am still on vacation. Will give an additional gift to the winner, though.


  1. more culture post please. I'm pretty sure I won't have a chance to go there, it's nice to see it from a Filipina's point of view.

  2. i do price conversion din when shopping online..hahaha para macheck kong reasonable ba ang price

  3. So glad you're ok there and im sure you're enjoying naman. Hoping maka-adapt ka agad sa culture nila, i know they also have interesting cultures and traditions. Same here, dati kapag nagshoshopping ako dito, sabay convert kaya wala ako nabibili dahil namamahalan ako.. ngayon hindi na, nasanay na eh. For good na ba kayo dyan? How's Askim doing? Anyway take care.. finally nakapag comment na rin ako. I miss you

  4. awwwwww...dumating na pala kau jan sis...glad you guys are there na pala...how exciting naman tong vacay nyo....:)

    I stopped comparing prices years ago...nakaka depress kasi...lol!

  5. Oh wow! Kung saan saan ka na nakakapunta! Do you have relatives there? is it hard to get a Visa or something?

  6. wow ganda pala mall jan ate! Enjoy your cold vacation there! :)

  7. wow ang lamig!!! hehehehe ginawin ako kaya pagdating ko dn dito naku nakadikit sa katawan ko ang jacket :D


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