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Friday, April 22, 2011

I am Worthy of Everything

One of my favorite shows on Turkish TV is Bana Her Şey Yakışır, which I believe, translates as "I am Worthy of Everything". This reality show is available through Kanal D or Channel D. It aims to find the most fashionable woman.

Each week, a different concept is given to the contestants regardless of their age and body type. The chosen contestant for the day would shop for clothes and accessories and prettify herself with a salon hair and makeup under the budget of 700 TL. Not to mention, she has to do everything in 4 hours. Whoever creates the most beautiful look according to the concept and become the one of the most stylish women will compete to win the grand prize of 10,000 USD.

Sorry, I did not find a video with English subtitle, but please watch this one anyway. I bet you'll like it too!


  1. cool... are you still there? I want to watch some shows from Turkey.. wait, do you understand turkish?

  2. I wish i could understand what they're saying, ang bilis din magsalita but surely i enjoyed the video, i love those fabulous staffs.. dami rin pala maganda dyan. I thought women are all covered, yung parang muslim.. They're also fashionable indeed :)

    Miss you.. when kayo uwi pinas?


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