Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forever 21 Megamall SALE!

I just wish I am in Manila right now. I already missed the opening of Forever 21 in Makati, now I am about to miss the Megamall branch summer sale. Uff ufff!

The SM Megamall 3-Day sale will start from April 29 until May 1. Take note of this date if you are living anywhere near the place. Forever 21 will display selected items up to 50% off. There will giving 10% off when you present your SMAC, BDO Rewards and Forever 21 credit card and 5% rebate on all Forever 21, BDO and AMEX credit cards with a minimum spent of P5,000. Plus, 0% interest, 3 months installment for a minimum of P5,000 single receipt purchase. Happy shopping! :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

I am Worthy of Everything

One of my favorite shows on Turkish TV is Bana Her Şey Yakışır, which I believe, translates as "I am Worthy of Everything". This reality show is available through Kanal D or Channel D. It aims to find the most fashionable woman.

Each week, a different concept is given to the contestants regardless of their age and body type. The chosen contestant for the day would shop for clothes and accessories and prettify herself with a salon hair and makeup under the budget of 700 TL. Not to mention, she has to do everything in 4 hours. Whoever creates the most beautiful look according to the concept and become the one of the most stylish women will compete to win the grand prize of 10,000 USD.

Sorry, I did not find a video with English subtitle, but please watch this one anyway. I bet you'll like it too!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photos of Istanbul

Hello dearies! How are you going to spend the Holy Week? Are you already on vacation just like me? It's rainy in Istanbul these days, so the temperature is crazy cold. I went out with my daughter and in-laws during the weekend, though. We visited some relatives both from MIL and FIL's side. It rained more today and we are expecting more rain tomorrow. I guess, we'll have to stay indoors throughout the Holy Week. Now sharing some photos for those who requested through Facebook.

an Istanbul highway..

a street wall painting..

trees in winter..

taken while hubby and I were taking a ferry to the Asian side of Istanbul..

Lastly, my daughter and I in Bargcilar, the district where my in-laws live.

The heater is off. MIL did not turn it on tonight, so I'm kind of freezing now. Hope you enjoy the photos. Will try to post some more later. Cold night! :D 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turkish Winter Street Fashion

Street fashion here in Istanbul is interesting. I was amazed how creative people are in layering and color coordinating clothes. Hubby and I went to a couple of famous tourist spot, so I took the freedom in taking photos.

Girl 1: Black tights, jacket, and bag, red shoes, floral skirt with red lining, and red flower in her hair.
Girl 2: Red jacket, animal-printed sling bag, knee-high boots, and pale tights.
Girl 3: Sneakers, boyfriend jeans, black hobo, blazer, and pink headband with flowers.
Girl 4: Printed ugg boots, black coat, leather bag, and red scarf.

Girl 5: Black leather jacket, navy bubble skirt, pale purple tights, brown boots, and leather bag.
Girl 6: Brown trench dress, black ugg boots, sling bag, scarf, and white sunglasses.
Girl 7: Long ruffled skirt, black blouse over white button down top, and black heels.

So, which style do you like? Why?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sale Find of the Week: INCI Leather Bag

Thanks to my dear hubby for this gift he bought me just recently. A small wish that was finally granted. So sweet of him. I am so happy... I love it!

Sale Find: INCI Genuine Leather Bag
Sale Price: L150 / P4,214 / $98
Regular Price: L450 / P12,712 Php/ $295
Sale From: INCI Bakirkoy, Istanbul

I think Istanbul Shopping Fest is not yet over. I can see some store still putting items on sale from 20 to 70% off. Hope to find a nice pair of leather shoes too. Something I can use for years just like this bag. Any shoe style suggestion everyone? Thanks.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Sale Find of the Week: Pink Top from Penshoppe

Here I go again, another pink item to add to my wardrobe. Haha. Saw this at 50% off while shopping for a new pair of jeans at Penshoppe before our TR trip. Perfect on ordinary days like when running an errand to a grocery in Manila huh.

Sale Find: Pink Top
Sale Price: P149
Regular Price: P299
Sale From: Penshoppe Megamall

Friday, April 01, 2011

Merhaba From Istanbul!

The weather in Istanbul is still cold. I thought winter is already over-- I was wrong. It was 7 degrees when we arrived at the Ataturk Airport last week. Brrrrr.. colder than I expected. Anyway, hope for the season to change soon ‘cos I really don’t like layering too much clothes. We got internet connection the other day. I have been meaning to post some update, but felt lazy. Sleeping is really nice when it’s cold, right? Plus, a bunch of hubby’s relatives visited until the weekend, so we’ve been busy at home too.

Istanbul Shopping Fest is on and most stores sell discounted items. We were able to shop a couple of times. It was not as fun as shopping in Manila, though. For each item I buy, I always have to think of the equivalent price in dollar then convert to peso (haha.. I am that stingy). Compare to Philippines, items only get cheaper when offered from 50 to 70% off. For example, I saw a big leatherette tote at Mango for only 49 TL or roughly 1500 Php. Really cheap, but I did not get it cos luckily, after looking around a lot, we were able to find a purse from a local brand in genuine leather (will blog about it later).

That will be all for now. Will post more about food, people, shopping, and culture later. Promise.

Note: For my March giveaway, I will send the prize to the winner in May. Sorry about this cos I am still on vacation. Will give an additional gift to the winner, though.