Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Solenn Heussaff Covers FHM Philippines March 2011 Issue

Since Survivor Philippines Celebrity Edition, Solenn Heussaff already graced the cover of numerous magazines like Cosmopolitan, Preview, Women's Health, etc. This month, Sos shows off her bikini bod with horses in the background in FHM's 11 anniversary issue.

Below are images from behind the scenes of the photo shoot.

Getting ready for the camera with the help of the style and make up team.

Shooting with a white horse.

Posing under the sunshine.


  1. Ang ganda at sexy nman talaga.... bagay lang na maging cover ng fhm

  2. Wow! Ganyan pala talaga sya pag hindi super payat. Unlike her castaway days where they all had little nourishment. Kakainggit na body! :D

  3. Im getting this Copy! I love her much! nice post :D
    Would you mind if i put your blog on my Blogroll :)

  4. i am not a Survivor fan very one time I hopped on that TV show and saw her i already had a feeling na magiging model sya kasi super sexy at pretty pa

  5. Solenn :) She's the awesomest :) she's my role model ^_^


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