Monday, March 07, 2011

Sale Find of the Week: Foldover Athletic Pants

I like this latest buy of mine a lot. It is form-fitting, has a foldover waistband and flared legs, plus an affordable price. I did not expect to be able to find what I exactly wanted to buy when I went to Forever 21 last Saturday. I lifted it in a rack with a yellow tag, so I think it is a marked down item.

my photo..

photo from the website

Sale Find: Foldover Athletic Pants (navy color)
Sale Price: P385
Original Price: $8.50 based on
Sale From: Forever 21 Megamall

Considering the fact that I bought this item from a local store, I guess the price is already worth it even the online price is cheaper. It's for real time shopping and no shipping fee, right?


  1. It's nice sis. Sayang, di ako makapunta ng Megamall before. I was looking for pants like that pa naman for my aerobics class.

  2. nice find! Forever 21 is a hit or miss for me. I like their basics like shirts and pants but I am yet to find a dress that would appeal to me.

  3. nice one sis...suki ka talaga nang F21....:)

  4. Ang sexy tingnan Ate...

    Parang meron na ding Forever21 dito sa Cebu...

  5. @jane: yeah, this is perfect for gym or yoga..

    @gene: same with me cos some of their clothes have very thin fabric..

    @charlotte's mum: they don't have this in pink sis.. just black, gray, teal and purple..

    @dhemz: hahaha.. mura kasi sya compare with zara or mango :)

    @grace: sexy nga sya dear.. baka matagal pa bago magkaron sa cebu..

  6. aw oo nga kasi research ko xa, sa istorya forum, my girl na fan din xa ng forever 21 and may giveaways xa na mga items from forever21 sa mga taga cebu only. :D Kala ko yung pics nya forever21 sa cebu... xDD heheh di pala

  7. I agree sis Pink...minsan mas mahal pa ang shipping fee kesa sa item. I like the foldover waistband niya.

  8. really nice sis, and a great find too.


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