Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pinay in Pink March 2011: Hannah Villasis

I met Miss Hannah last month at AXN's Launching of Blue Bloods in Resorts World Manila. I did not expect to see her that day, but prior to our meeting, I already asked her to be featured as Pinay in Pink (which she gladly approved). We visit and drop comments to each other's blog though. Honestly, I really like her because she is inspiring and truly is "more than a pretty face".

Name: Hannah Rika Villasis
Nickname: Hannah
Hometown: Bacolod
Age: 25
Status: In a Relationship :P
Height: 5'
Weight: 110 lbs
Language Spoken: Ilonggo, Tagalog, English

PML: You seem to be very healthy. Are you a fan of vegetables? How do you keep in shape?
Hannah: I hated vegetables because my mom forced me to eat them when I was a kid. But, I am a health freak and as I grow up, I introduced vegetables to my diet.  I keep in shape by dancing, going to the gym and joining marathons :)

PML: What fashion style are you into now?
Hannah: I love Japanese fashion so I'm into that. I love boots, sweaters and blazers, but I can't wear them here in the Philippines so I find an excuse to dress them when I travel :)  I also love dresses and wedges.  Inspiration Spice Girls, Katy Perry and Blake Lively.

PML: Clothes, jewelry, shoes or bags? Choose one and why.
Hannah: Clothes. No wait, shoes... crap It's so hard to choose!  I must say clothes.. I like dressing up and it usually depends on my mood :)

PML: You have thousands of Facebook fans for Flair Candy.Com. Wow, how did you get a flair for blogging and where do you get your inspiration?
Hannah: I started blogging out of boredom from my previous day job.  I didn't bother with fans, page views and the stats. I just love to share. Then, I get emails and thank-you notes from my readers. It always pushes me to do more and to blog more. I want to empower women to do more than the usual and to become what they want to be.

PML: Accounting, blogging, hosting, and now modeling, which job do you like the most? Why?
Hannah: Blogging :)  I am myself always when I'm blogging. And, it is with blogging that people / brands / companies discovered me and it opened opportunities for modeling, hosting, become their brand endorsers and even acting. I loved my work before as a financial analyst too. I just felt that I can do more and so I explored the world of the digital.

PML: Just one common interview question. How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Hannah: I can never tell for sure what's ahead. There are so many things I am not in control of, so I just seek opportunities and grab them when I see it. One thing I want to still be doing though is to blog. And for my blog, I want to go international. I started that way anyway. I made friends from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Vietnam because I didn't know that the Philippines has many bloggers here too. I made friends worldwide and because of that, I was sent on an international blogger's trip to cover an event. It was very fun meeting bloggers from other countries. In 5 years, I hope to see myself in New York covering Fashion Week, or in Hawaii somewhere surfing. I also bought a sewing machine because I want to make costumes for myself so cosplaying and designing my own line would be awesome. But you know, you never can predict. Five years before, I never thought I'd be doing what I'm doing now. I thought, I would still be doing accounting and getting old.  

Also, if I get rich because of what I'm doing (as of now, it's barely paying the bills) I would pick a charity to focus my advocacy and it is either (or both) something that involves women's rights or for the environment. 


  1. Pretty lady!Magaganda talaga ang girls from Bacolod^_^

  2. I like her! :) I saw her on facebook and I really like her personality and style. She's my idol :)

    And oh I got featured on her blog :D

    Proud Bisaya :D

  3. She's pretty po talaga Ate! And the interview, very interesting naman yung exchange of conversations nyo. Dami kong natututunan sa inyong dalawa... thanks for sharing this ate.

    Dropping by...

  4. she's so pretty..I like her chinita beauty

  5. May kilala din akong super adik sa pink. blogger din xa but nasa japan xa ngayon. Si Valerie Javier..


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