Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Lovi Poe for Cosmopolitan March 2011 Issue

I like hearing about successful diets and exercise, but I cringed a bit when I read about Lovi Poe's story a week ago. Whatever she did to lose weight, congrats to her cause it worked. Just check her first Cosmopolitan Philippines cover below.What do you think, hot or not?

On Staying Hot,
Braving The Odds,
And Keeping Her Cool

You know, I don't have a monthly subscription of any local magazine because I don't think getting each and every copy is worth it. They sometimes recycle photos and articles and unlike other countries, magazines here in the Philippines don't come with fab freebies. So, with Cosmo's March issue, I am yet to decide whether to buy it or not.


  1. Kahit anong pagpayat ni Lovi mataba pa rin siya tignan kasi malaki ang bones niya. Pero yong latest ngang kuha na pinost mo Ate eh mukhang siyang buto't balat walang sustansiya sa katawan. Over diet nga ata,.

  2. yes, ive heard about the diet she underwent and sobrang ng lose talaga daw ng weight and imbes na sexy tingnan is pangit na daw kc na over

  3. So I guess, dieting is not for everyone talaga. I mean, since when did we have a set standard for being sexy? Each and every one of us can be sexy in our own unique way!

  4. makasali nga sa biggest loser para pumayat! hehe


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