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Thursday, March 10, 2011

DIY Ribbon and Chained Coin Necklace Part 2

Remember my post on a DIY ribbon and chained coin necklace? I was not able to use it a lot, so I decided to create another design which I think, can be worn in a more fashionable way. Dyaaraannn!! Now I can wear it pretty well with any basic top like this navy one from Forever 21.

Because of the ribbon, the simple chained coin necklace became fab. The ribbon I used is thin, but I have an option of replacing it with something thicker. Ribbons with any color will do too. I'm thinking of pink next time.

NOTE: If you have a question on how to make this simple project, just drop me a comment below so I can get back on you later.


  1. I used to make diy accessories pero nawalan na ko ng time. That necklace is really cute. Hindi mahirap hanapan ng match.

  2. wow, i like the idea and the design too. nice one sis.

  3. so creative of you Mrs. Kolca :) This sure is fab!

    passing by...

  4. ang galing! looks like something I saw sa mall

  5. wow!!! gumagawa k pla nyan...dpt pla ginawan mo ko nyan ;D


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